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Strathcona cup medal 1912?

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December 25, 2008 1:51PM

The Strathcona Cup was presented in 1909 by Sir Donald Smith, Lord Strathcona, to recognize the winner of a curling tour between Canada and Scotland. The first tour was held in 1903 when Scotland sent a group of curlers to tour Canada and the northern United States. In 1909 the Canadians mounted a return tour to Scotland and this is when Lord Strathcona offered the trophy to commemorate the winning side. The Scots' second tour to Canada was held in 1912. This event continues today on a five year alternate tour schedule. The Scots last toured Canada in 2003, the 100th anniversary of the first Scottish curling tour. The next competition will be held in 2009 when Canada sends a group of curlers to tour Scotland marking the 100th anniversary of the first Canadian tour to Scotland. Each time the competition is held, the touring side produces a commemorative pin or badge to be presented to their opponents during their tour. The 1912 medal would be a curling pin from the 1912 Scottish tour to Canada. The story of the 2003 Scots' tour of Canada may be found here: The upcoming (January 2009) Centennial Tour of Canadians curling in Scotland is here: