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Fix your brake lights and this problem will go away.

Didn't know the brake lights were out did you?

May be a fuse or the switch.

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Why is my 2006 Nissan Altima gear shift stuck in park?

why is my 2006 Nissan altima gear shift stuck in park

1999 Passport will not shift out of park unable to drive or move car car starts but the shift gear is stuck on park?

this just happened to me i have a 2001 Honda passport the problem with mine was a broken transmission cable. we just had this fixed but until we did i had to push the button on the gear shift and lift up a little and i could put the car into gear ... good luck

How do you fix when gear shift get stuck in park in Honda Odyssey?

What to do when the gear is stuck in park on a Honda 2001

Your geo prizm is stuck in park please tell you why?

If your Geo Prizm is stuck in park and will not shift, the transmission is locked up. It will need to be serviced.

What to do if Floor shift mechanism has broken?

2430 2002 stuck in park what to do?

Why does Transmission getting stuck and not shift gear?

Maybe car is in park.

Your shifter is stuck in park how do you get it to shift?

check your brake light fuse

Your 1998 Honda Passport is stuck in park?

First a question. Were you stepping on the brake when you tried to shift it out of park?

What can you do if the gear shift button will not engage and the gear shift is stuck in park so you can't move your 1995 Corvette?

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Why does a 2013 Chrysler 300 V6 get stuck in park?

Set the parking brake before you put the shift in park when parking.Take shift out of park before releasing the parking brake when driving.

Why 1992 Oldsmobile will not shift out of park?

A 1992 Oldsmobile may not shift out of park because the transmission is stuck. Check to transmission fluid to ensure it is at the proper level.

Magnum gear shift stuck?

Stuck in "Park"? check stop light fuse and stop light switch Try turning key to 1st (unlock) position then shift to neutral to start vehicle and then shift to Drive

Why wont your 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix shift out of park?

shift lock is malfunctioning. you can bypass it there is a little "switch" on the side of your shifter for this purpose. that should help temporarily i believe there is a sensor to tell it when to shift out of park and that when this malfunctions you're stuck in park

Ford F150 shift lever is stuck in park and will not move.?

Check all the linkage from the transmission.

Crown vic stuck in park is it the brake shift interlock?

Check the brake light fuse.

Why wont your car shift into park?

this happened to my 2006 Toyota highlander...look under hood...a piece of foam was stuck up under parking brake so it couldn't shift into park

Why is my car stuck in park the shift just slides It is a 1999 Ford Taurus?

linkage to transmission poped out!

How to fix a 2007 Chrysler Sebring that is stuck in Park?

A 2007 Chrysler Sebring that will not shift out of Park will probably need a shift solenoid replaced. This is inside the transmission and the transmission might have to be taken out of the vehicle to be fixed.

A1993 Lexus LS 400 and the automatic shift gear is in stuck in park and will not shift to drive or reverse the engines starts and runs ok but the car cannot move since its stucked in park gear?

Check whether Stop lights works or not when you press the brake paddle. If not replace the Stop light fuse and the blow bulb.

Why is your 1993 subaru loyale stuck in park?

Be sure to apply the brake before trying to shift out of park. If you apply the brake and the car still won't shift out of park, do not try to force it. The problem could be a failure of the mechanism that releases the shifter.

What causes a 2001 highlander to get stuck in park position?

check the brake light fuse in the dash by your left knee, if it blows, cant shift park

Key is stuck in ignition in park position for a 1999 Isuzu trooper how do you get it out?

I had this problem, the stick-shift was not fully in the 'park' position try and jiggle the stick.

If after getting new tires on a 1995 Nissan Maxima the gear shift is stuck in park what could be wrong?

brake/shift interlock switch needs replacing

Why does your Saturn ion get stuck in park?

Check to see if stop lights work---same circuit as shift interlock

Your 1999 Mazda it only starts in neutral and when in park it goes in reverse why?

Shift linkage out of adjustment?

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