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Sunbird what happens if you car frame snaps?

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While it might be possible to fix, it is usually not worth the expense. Snapped from rust, previous damage, prior wreck damange with bad repair, whatever the cause, it's time to retire it.

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92 Sunbird GT would it cost a lot of money to get the rear frame redone on your car what is the frame really doing for the car why would it be bad to drive fast with it bad?

the frame of the car can snap or break in two if going fas liike 40 to 100 mph if you hit a bump oro you accelerate fast you are putting alot of stress of the car frame i would not recomenned it

Is the 67 nova a full frame car or sub frame?

It's a sub frame car.

Where are the ground wires located in a 2000 Monte Carlo SS?

I have a 01 Monte Carlo SS and my ground is under the backseat it was profesionally installed but it was pretty easy to do everything in the back just snaps off and snaps back in to place, but when you take the back seat out there is alot of metal and its easy to screw it to the frame of the car.

92 Pontiac sunbird? is some information about the car, what do you want to know- edit your title and provide more information so we can better help you.

How do you tell if your 1992 Pontiac sunbird 2 dr v6 3.1 convertible is an le se or a gt?

is it not on the side of your car????? right along with "sunbird" :| if its not..Sorry...weird.

How do you open a locked car door on a 1991 Pontiac Sunbird LE?

Using a key

What car names begin with the letter s?

Skoda, Suzuki, Subaru... Surban, Sunbird,

Location of starter on 94 Pontiac sunbird?

the starter is under the car by the oil filter

What does the frame of the car do?

The frame supports the vehicle. Everything bolts to the frame. The body, engine,etc...

What kind of frame does 1992 Mercury Cougar has?

It is either a unitized body with the frame built into the car or it is a body on frame construction. A quick look under the car will tell you which it is.

What are the signs of a damaged car frame?

The signs are usually various scrapes or scratches.They may not look very bad but they can weaken the frame causing the car to collaps under the pressure that the damaged frame is putting on the car

What is the difference between chassis and frame?

A frame is the skeleton of a car without the mountings, were as a chasis is a mounted frame.

Where is the heater core on a 1992 Pontiac sunbird?

Passenger side, near the firewall inside the car.

What is a frame of a car called?

the Chassis

What does a chassis do?

The chassis is the frame of the car.

What is a chassis on a car?

It is the frame work

What do you call the front frame of a car?

Depends on the car front wheel drive it a cradle rear wheel drive it a sub frame.

Does a 1993 Pontiac Sunbird V6 use freon because i lost my manual to the car?

no, losing the manual would not cause the car to use freon.

Can a S10 truck frame fit under my 1989 Z24 car?

The last time I saw a truck frame under a car, i was in Poland.

What frame of reference would you be at rest while riding in a car?

the others in the car.

Where is the sub frame located in a car?

Under engine, if you underneath your car at front you couldn't miss it big steel frame between both wheels

What size is the battery in a 1991 sunbird?

any place that sales car batterys can tell you what size you need, butch

How do you change the headlight on a 1993 sunfire?

Sunfire was a new car for 1995. There is no '93. Perhaps you're thinking of a Sunbird?

How do you replace the fuel filter located on a 1994 Chevy Camaro?

Look under the car by the rear driver side wheel and you will see it. It snaps on and snaps off. Officially :disconnect negative terminal from battery first

How do you know if timing belt is bad?

as far as i know you cant tell its bad until it finally snaps and if that happens you could be waving goodbye to your engine. check with your car manufacturer when your belt should be changed. an outlay of around 350 for a belt change is better than possibly the end of your car.

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