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Q: Sunflower seed origin
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What type of seed is a sunflower seed?

It's the seed from a sunflower.

What seed will grow first a sunflower seed or a tomato seed?


Is sunflower seed are fruite?

A sunflower seed is an achene which means a simple dry fruit. The sunflower seed are referred to as the fruit of the Sunflower because it is produce by the plant.

Do you crack a sunflower seed when you plant it?

There is no need to do this with domesticated sunflower seed.

When do sunflower seed germinate?

in late spring,sunflower seed will germinate

Is sunflower seed a monocot seed?

No, it is a dicot.

What do the seeds of a sunflower do?

The shell of a sunflower which is white and black striped protects the seed inside of it. The seed, if planted becomes a sunflower plant.

What type of seed flies away?

sunflower seed

Do big plants have a big seed?

no the seed of a sunflower for example is small but the sunflower itsself can grow huge

Can one sunflower seed produce multiple sunflower blossoms?

it depends on the type of sunflower

Why are commercial sunflower seeds that are still in their shells not referred to as seeds?

A sunflower seed is the fruit of the sunflower. The seed is referred to as a achene when it is inside of its shell or pericarp.

Does a sunflower seed have seeds?

A sunflower seed grows into a sunflower with more seeds. A seed must flower before making more seeds. Each flower produces over 1000 seeds.

What was U.S. sunflower seed production in 2000?

U.S. sunflower seed production was 3.54 billion pounds in 2000

What was U.S. sunflower seed production in 2002?

U.S. sunflower seed production was 2.49 billion pounds in 2002

Examples of sunflower investigatory project title?

sunflower seed oil

Is sunflower seed good for cholesterol?

yes sunflower is useful in cholesterol

Is a sunflower seed a dicot?

Yes, it is.

Who discovered the sunflower seed?


Is a sunflower seed dicot?


What is the largest type of seed?


How does a sunflower seed survive?

water it

Where can you buy a sunflower seed?


Is germination a seed?

Germination is not a seed. Germination is the sprout of a seed. if a sunflower seed sprouts you have germinated that seed

Is the Sunflower seed really a seed?

Actually, no, sunflower seeds are not real seeds! Rather, they are the fruit of the sunflower plant. The only reason they are called "sunflower seeds" is because they resemble other seeds.

What was Global sunflower seed production in 2002?

Global sunflower seed production was 7.5 million metric tons in 2002