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Suzuki gsx600 engine chugging and will not start properly Cleaned carbs and will sometimes run ok ish but lacks low rev power. All this after standing for 6 months?

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May 05, 2009 9:09PM

you should check your compression when you do unplug all your spark plug wires so it won't start then put a gauge on it one cylinder at a time and turn the motor over while holding the throttle wide open the whole time when the needle on the gauge stops going up that is how much compression you have should be around 160 pounds or so 170 optimal call a dealership and talk to a mechanic its the best way to go ...........................this is only if you are sure the carbs are clean and you know you are getting spark to each cylinder did you try changing spark plugs? == Could be something as simple as old fuel. Flush the tank and the carbs.