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A leak in a vacuum hose, is one possibility... a clogged fuel filter is another.

2006-07-26 11:02:40
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What problem do contact lenses cause?

it can cause irritation..and sometimes eye turns red..

What does cause-and-effect order mean?

the cause is something that starts something a problem of some sort and an effect is what happens because of the cause its the consequence

Something that can be green but sometimes isn't?

cabbage cause if its spoiled its not green

What could cause a dishwasher to not drain sometimes?

A faulty pump could be the cause of this problem. or a loose connection due to vibration.

What problem might a herniated disc cause?

One thing that might cause a herniated disc is if you do a lot of heavy lifting. Sometimes, the problem may come on for no apparent reason.

What does a recipe for disaster mean?

It means that something is bound to cause a huge problem.

Is Facebook cause something bad?

sometimes but not really if you click something you dont know then you mite couse something bad but not really that much.

Solution of the problem?

There a number of ways of getting a solution of the problem. This can be done by first of all establishing the root cause of the problem.

Does stress cause gray hair?

yes sometimes stress can cause gray hairs or it just means the person is getting old

How do you get possessed by a evil ghost?

depends on if you know who it is or if you did something to cause it. Sometimes it can be someone seeking revenge

What would cause an electrical problem after replacing the starter?

Something was done incorrectly. Retrace the repair.

What causes a car to shut off while driving?

The mass air sensor sometimes would cause this problem

What could cause someone to go into electric shock?

Something that would cause someone to get into electric shock is getting struck by lightning! Also touching a power socket and getting shocked!

What problems does e-waste cause?

They cause pollutions. There are a lot of hazardous materials in the e-waste. Sometimes it goes to the poor countries. The problem of pollutions is that people or any other organisms may breathe the polluted air and it can cause a disease to our body. And the problem of e-waste going to the poor countries are because people living there get some valuable pieces such as plastics from the e-waste. As I said above there are a lot of harmful toxic in there. So People doing that is getting a little money and getting a lot of diseases.

What to do if you and your boyfriend aren't on good terms?

There is always a cause for something, find out the reason for the problem and look for a way to solve it. There is no problem taking the leadership role.

Can fertilization cause vomiting?

yes it causes vmiting sice something is getting injected in the body

What would cause a 1988 Pontiac Grand Prix LE V6 to sometimes fire but not run past idle?

I've got the same problem and I think it's got something to do with the crank position sensor being fouled...

How do you answer 'When something goes wrong at work how do you fix it'?

Identify the main problem, the cause, the people who are involved...

What can cause vibrations on a truck at high speeds?

I had a similar problem once and it had something to do with my brakes, I'd get them checked if i were you

Why does the AC cold air go off sometimes on your 2001 Taurus?

Can a bad fuse cause the problem? If so Which fuse?

How do prescription medicine affect health?

Sometimes the prescription drugs can cause just as much problems as the problem itself! You have to weigh it out!

Definition on contributing cause?

Condition or event that increases the frequency or severity of a problem. Cause which is not self sufficent and which contribute to something. e.g being absent.

What would cause a 1991 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale engine to sometimes race when not pressing the accelerator?

well with any vehicle if the engine is accelerating usually its a linkage problem meaning your linkage is getting stuck somewhere check that first

What could be the cause of a rattling noise coming from back of a 1999 cougar?

I'm getting a rattling sound, too. But my problem is in my speakers. I'd have to guess you either need new speakers, or your problem could be in the hatch door. A friend of mine had that problem. His hatch window was loose or something, and that rattled, and eventually leaked. Hope that helped.

You are getting a low battery power and sometimes no battery power on your 97 Grand Cherokee you just had the battery changed and alternator tested What could cause this?

Two things come to mind: 1 - your new battery could be bad; 2 - you have a wiring problem. You may have a short somewhere that is pulling down the battery. Also, check the battery post connectors where they are fitted onto the wire. Something loose there can cause you grief, too.