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I had that problem on the drivers side... As it turned out, the nylon drive belt inside the track had slipped on the sprocket, thus ripping through several gaps in the belt. It's not really a "BELT" since it is not a closed loop, but open ended, with holes that fit the drive sprocket, and efectively pushes and pulls the seatbelt up and down the track. This belt, track, and drive motor are available as an assembly, and requires some of the interior plastic panels to be removed. A screwdriver and a socket wrench is all that's needed to make the repair. I haven't acctually replaced mine yet, our state law only requires the lap belt, so I'll save the money for now and make the repair when I'm ready to sell the car. Besides, I really hated that dang thing! And the shoulder belt can be un-screwed from the seatbelt carrier, which is attached to the "belt" I mentioned earlier, and retracted right back to the rear floor. Check your state laws to verify your vehicle is still legal with only the lap belt. Keep in mind, if your insurance finds out that you've bypassed it, you may lose the deduction for active restraints.

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Q: The Automatic sliding seatbelt is stuck on the passenger side of your 1994 Mercury Topaz What do you do?
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Does 2002 Pontiac Montana have automatic sliding doors?

mine has one on the passenger side Yes, it CAN have power sliders on the drivers side and passengers.

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How to fix passenger sliding door?

The passenger sliding door of a Ford Windstar LX needs frequent cleaning and checking of the rubbers to prevent jamming. If a door jams a lot during sliding, take out the rubber linings and clean them up before re-attaching.

Who invented the automatic sliding door?

Dee horton and lee hewitt

Does a Honda Odyssey 2003 have an automatic sliding side door?


Where can you find a Chevrolet suburban rear passenger sliding seat drawing?

You can find a Chevy suburban rear passenger sliding seat drawing at most local libraries. You can also obtain the drawing from most Chevrolet dealerships.

How do you fix a 95 Chevy Lunmina Minivan power sliding door after it was jammed with a seatbelt?

REmove the fuse for a minute according to the owners manual.

Why did Dee Horton and Lew Hewitt invent the Sliding automatic door?

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How do you open the passenger side sliding door on a 1996 dodge caravan?

Use the handle!

Mercury villager 1999 Sliding door will not stay open?

If the sliding door on the 1999 Mercury Villager will not stay open, check for something that is not allowing the latching mechanism to lock into place. Make sure that the door is all the way back so that it can lock in.

Where is Fuse for sliding door on Pontiac Montana?

The power sliding door fuse is located in the passenger side fuse panel to the right of the glove box. You need to open the passenger door, remove the access panel on the side of the dash and consult the layout map on the panel as to which fuse is associated.

What is Anti submarining ramps?

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Passenger sliding door won't open on my Chevy venture?

The sliding doors have brass contacts on the front of them. They need cleaned with emery cloth or steel wool occasionally and then lubricated with dielectric grease to prevent them from corroding quickly.

How do you disable-enable the power door locks on a 2002 mercury villager?

There is no way to do this. There are child-proof locks on the sliding doors.

Who invented the door?

Dee Horton and Lew Hewitt invented the sliding automatic door in 1954 but the normal everyday ones... haven't a clue.

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How do you fix the latch on a Ford Freestar on the driver side passenger sliding door?

Can you tell me anything about a 2008 Hyundai interrupt it is a call Honda

How do you adjust a sliding electric door which wont latch - Windstar 2000 Passenger rear door closes but pops back open especially in cold weather Can the steel pull cable be tightened or loosened?

The Ford Windstar sliding passenger door has adjustments on the roller guides. There are roller guides on the top and the bottom of the door. There are also adjustments on the stationary door latch.

How do you replace a side window in sliding door of a mercury villager 1998?

If it's the opening type, unscrew the latches and take it off.

How do you repair an automatic sliding door on a Pontiac Montana?

If your problem is that the door keeps opening and doesn't want to latch shut, then what I have been doing is carrying a piece of 3M scrubbing pad and use that to scuff up the contacts on the door and the door jam contacts. Then the door functions properly for another month or so. There is a recall on the automatic sliding doors and it involves them not latching.

Where is the amplifier of the Dodge Caravan 2006 located?

Curbside rear quarter. It's about a 70minute job to remove the dozen or so parts including seatbelt and every plastic trim piece from sliding door to the rear door.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1995 Plymouth Voyager?

Passenger side. Look under the car, between the front door and sliding back door.

How to fix a rattle in Honda Odyssey?

How do I repair rattle on the rear passenger sliding door of 2002 Odssye EXL. Most notable during the winter

How do you replace a power lock solenoid for 1995 Astro Van?

sliding door want open 89000 miles is their a way to open the sliding door when it will not open on the passenger door frame or housing is 2 rubber plugs i remove them i can see what look like 2 bolts with holes in them is their away to open the sliding door with them or any other way

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