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First, check if you have gas. Next check your engine oil. Next check your battery. It could also be your alternator if all of these things check out.

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How do you access the stop light bulb on 2000 altima?

The stop light bulb is located in the rear window of the 2000 Altima. Hold the casing and pull it toward you to remove the casing and then you will be able to unplug the wiring and access the bulb.

How do you remove right airbag from a 1995 Nissan altima?

first start by removing the glove box and then the blower motor as well as the casing for it. The casing has many hidden little screws so becareful to see that you have all of them removed. There are 4 nuts that hold the air bag to the dash you should be able to get 3 of them out at this point with long extentions. i am currently at this stage and need to get the plastic case off of the a/c box under the dash to reach the third one. if i figure anything else out ill let you know.

Where is the reverse light switch on 2005 altima 2.5 with 5speed manual trans?

On the transmission casing towards the housing, on the top to be precise

Why Metal casing for tea kettles?

Metal casing on kettles is common. Metal casing is desired on anything to put on the stove. This is because the material conducts heat so well and efficiently stays warm.

How do you replace the driver's side low-beam headlamp on 2002 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE?

I did this not too long ago in my 2002 Nissan Altima 3.5SE....It's actually not that hard. On the driver's side, you have to remove the factory air intake (just remove the hoses and it pops right out). Then, just unscrew the whole rear casing for the headlight (takes about a 1/4 turn). Remove clip, replace bulb, re-assemble. Voila! FYI - on the passenger side, same thing, but you have to remove the washer fluid reservoir. Good luck....

Where is the factory Bose amplifier located in a 97 Nissan maxima?

Amps for the factory Bose system of a 97 nissan maxima are located in passenger door panel for the front and in the speaker casing in the trunk for the rear.

Where is the EGR valve on a 1998 Nissan Frontier 5 speed?

Its underneath the air filter. Just remove the air filter and the outer casing, it should be under there.

Something about Casing drilling and what are the disadvantages of casing drilling?

give me the total casing progamme in drilling

What is a casing drift?

casing drift is an inside diameter for the casing which allow any drift size pass through this casing with 1/8" under gouge

Where is the blower motor located for a 1997 blazer and how do you install it?

if its anything like my blazer a 2000 6 cyl 4.3L vortec then its under the hood on the passenger side you'll see a plastic casing looking thing you have to cut the casing off take off the reserve tank and the computer thing above it and the blower motor is right under the casing use black adhesive to seal the casing back up because you reuse the casing and seal it up as neat as possible.

What is another word for brain casing?

Casing of the brain

Where is the thermostat located on a 1989 Nissan truck?

hey ive got an 87 Nissan d21 with a z2.4L motor and the thermostat is located where at the end of the upper rad hose going into the motor. Its housed in a steel casing. you can't miss it if that's what motor your running.

What is the purpose of a waistband casing?

Elastic is inserted in the waistband casing.

What are the parts of a bullet?

there is the primer, the rim, the casing and the projectile there is the primer, the rim, the casing and the projectile there is the primer, the rim, the casing and the projectile

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 1994 Nissan sunny?

the fuel pump relay on a Nissan sunny in general is in the right side of the engine, from the front of the care, in a black case. also it says on the casing where it is located exactly. i believe it's the fourth. it's a blue relay.

What is the purpose of casing?

The purpose of casing is to allow a space for elastic or drawstring.

What is the homophone for casing?

Casing is a synonym of case, which can mean instance which is a homophone of instants.

What is a 3 letter word for vegetable casing?

The word for vegetable casing is pod.

What is the name of case of bullet after fire a shot?

The same as it is before it's fired - a casing. Some refer to an empty casing as a "shell" or "shell casing".

What are casing and cementing services?

Casing and cementing services are provided when the well is drilled. Casing is a large steel pipe, inserted into the wellhole and cemented into place.

How do you repair a bad ding in the passenger side mirror casing?

You can repair a bad ding in your passenger side mirror casing by replacing the passenger side mirror casing. An auto body repair expert can usually repair the original mirror casing, but it will be more expensive than buying the new casing.

Why does the summer sausage casing stick to the meat?

You probably have a protein lined casing which is used for pepperoni type sausages which need the casing to shrink with the meat, A summer sausage casing is NOT protein lined and should peel off readily.

How do you buy a bullet casing from world war 2?

Do you mean a cartridge casing or the actual bullet?? One used in combat or just a WW2 era casing??

Is a platsic casing of the wire is conductor or insulator?

Not sure about platsic but the plastic casing is an insulator.

What type of casing did they use to enclose the first computers?

a big heavy casing that waghe about 24lb