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The Steering wheel on my 95 Rover classic vibrates violently when the left tire hits a bump over 50 mph what could this be?

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Loose steering linkage, loose lower control arm bushings/struts, faulty shocks/struts.


Most likely to be loose swivel bearings.

Almost all Classic Range Rover steering shimmies can be traced back to loose swivel bearing preloads.

I've owned a 1988 RRC and a 1994 RRC LWB. I had the same shimmying at highway speed after hitting a bump. I replaced the OE Steering Dampener shock with a Bilstein and the problem was instantly solved. Prior to doing this the dealership wanted $5000 to fix this problem and their list of recommended fixes did not even include the steering dampener. RR dealers don't fix cars... they sell them.

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Where is Range Rover Classic located?

The Range Rover Classic was built by the company Land Rover from 1970 to 1996. Land Rover is a British car maker. The Range Rover Classic is a 4x4 luxury SUV.

When was Range Rover Classic created?

Range Rover Classic was created in 1970.

Can you put power steering rack into classic mini?

I am rebuilding my my mini rover these days, and also looking for fixing a power steering rack. If I found a way I will let you know. (

Where can one purchase a Range Rover Classic?

You can contact your local car seller when you are planning to purchase a Range Rover Classic and ask him for further information. Moreover Range Rover has its own homepage where you can easily purchase a Range Rover Classic.

How long is a range rover truck?

175 inches for a Range Rover Classic.

How do i change the Power steering belt on rover 214?

To change a power steering belt on a Rover 214, unbolt the power steering pump and pry the belt off the pulley. Replace with another steering belt and reinstall the steering pump.

What is most comfortable tire size for range rover?

It depends on which Range Rover you are talking about. A Classic? A mkIII? etc.

What kind of Power steering fluid for 2000 Land Rover?

It look's like you have to use Land rover fluid-Part # LRN 2261 Power steering/Ace fluid. I put regular fluid in my 99 land rover now I have a leak.

What kind of car off of cars2 is Miles axlerod?

A blend of Land Rover models, between the Range Rover and the Classic.

Is the range rover county the same as the range rover classic?

"Classic" refers to any Range Rover older than model year 1995. The word "classic" was never part of the official name, but is used by Roverphiles to distinguish between the original body style and newer models of Range Rovers. "County" is a trim level (sometimes also called a trim package) that was available on the Range Rover, as well as some other Land Rover models.

Where is the horn on your rover 200?

the horn is the button in the middle of the steering wheel

Will the wood steering wheel on a 2001 range rover fit a 1998 range rover?

AS long as it's a p38 so yes.

Where can I buy parts for my newly purchased 1965 Land Rover Range Rover?

see this website:

Can a 1998 range rover grill fit on a 1995 range rover?

well it depends if its a 4.0 se p38 it will fit. but if it is a range rover classic 3.9 swb or 4.2 lwb it wont fit 1995 was the only year they made the p38 and the classic at the same time in america

Where is the obd plug location on 99 rover 600?

Hi,i have a 2001 rover and the plug is under the dashboard directly under the steering wheel...

What causes engine overheating on my Land Rover?

Check the loose nut behind the steering wheel! Big issue with some Land Rover owners :)

Distributor cap wiring for a 91 Classic range Rover?

You can get a diagram of the distributor cap wiring for a 91 Classic Range Rover at most major auto parts stores. Libraries and book stores also have books with the wiring diagram.

Where can one find information about Rover for sale?

Information about Rovers for sale can be found on Rover Car Club of Canada, Monster Auto, Auto Catch, Car and Classic, Land Rovers 4 Sale and Rover Club.

Does the Rover 75 use the OBDII?

No, take a look under steering wheel. No OBDII port

Where is the MFU on a 1996 Land Rover discovery?

Beside the Fuse Box on the Left side of the Steering Column

How much does a range rover classic car alternator weigh?

I just weighed a Range Rover Part # YLE10100 100 Amp 12 Volt Alternator and it weighs 13.90 lbs.

Where is land rover td5 diagnostic plug located?

directly below steering column on kick panel (RHD) directly below steering column on kick panel (RHD)

What happens if you overfill Land Rover Discovery power steering fluid?

Overfilling a power steering system with fluid can cause overpressure. You may cause a leak in your lines or pump.

Where can you get power steering fluid for a rover 25?

DexronII is recommended, this is available at any good car accessory outlet.

Where is the fuse panel for a 1972 Land Rover series III?

There is a fuse panel underneath the steering wheel area.