The car is overheating and the heater doesn't work Is there a connection?

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Yes. Your thermostat has gone bad, not allowing the water to flow freely through the radiator. They are generally very simple to replace. Your local auto parts will help most often.

The connection is that both functions (keeping your engine at the proper operating temperature and providing a source of heat to the passenger compartment of your car) rely on the flow of "radiator fluid" through your engine.

First a basic description of the system. A thermostat located on the top of your engine has a hose just about big enough to get your hand around it connected to it's housing. The thermostat normally stays closed until the engine radiator fluid temperature gets to 165 to 190 degrees (half to 3/4's on a temp gauge on your instrument panel). It then opens to allow flow. Radiator fluid flows from the thermostat through a hose just big enough to get your hand around to top of the large radiator at the front of the engine compartment. The fluid flows through the radiator and ram air from driving or fans mounted on the radiator cool the fluid before it flows out of the other side on the bottom (same diameter hose) to the water pump mounted on the engine. When the fluid gets hot it expands. As small diameter hose from the radiator cap filler neck allows it to escape to a plastic overflow reservoir in your engine compartment. From the water pump, most of the fluid flows back to the engine to collect heat again but a portion of it flows to the heater core (a small radiator) typically located in the passenger compartment behind the dash. Air from a blower is heated as it blows through the heater core and into the passenger compartment.

The troubleshoot: What can restrict proper flow? Low fluid level (internal or external leak, air in system, evaporation over a very longer period of time), thermostat stuck closed, water pump failed or clogged internal passages.

Note: Always take safety seriously. Engine belts and fans grab loose clothing or hair. The cooling system has extremely hot poisonous fluid under pressure [gloves, splash goggles, proper disposal].

With a cold engine, check the reservoir level. It should have a cold level line. Service to line. Remove the radiator cap and check the level. If low, service, replace the cap, start the engine and look for external leaks and if dry see check if you have heater function and cool engine. Keep an eye on the level over the next couple days. If it goes down, get to a qualified mechanic to check for exhaust gas in the fluid (head gasket). If it's full, try squeezing the upper and lower hoses quickly and look for bubbles in the cap filler neck followed by a drop in the fluid level. This is air in the system that could slow or restrict flow or proper temperature sensing. Service and repeat until the level stays full. Many engines have bleed taps just downstream of the water pump and thermostat (looks like a small hex head bolt screwed into a slightly larger hex head bolt). With engine running and the smaller hex turned no more than a 1/2 turn counter clockwise, a steady flow of fluid should drain from it when the system is air free. If you can't get this it may take a qualified mechanic to thoroughly bleed the system.

To check for a stuck closed thermostat, feel the upper and lower radiator hoses when the engine temperature gauge is between 1/2 and 3/4. Be very careful, both should be getting hot. To be sure about the thermostat function, it can be removed and checked in a pot of water on the stove, actuating open just before boil.

If the fluid level is good, you know the thermostat works and the system is air free, flow could be restricted by blockage. Again I'd recommend a qualified mechanic to do a system flush and/or radiator replacement.

Water pumps usually leak a great deal out a weep hole on the bottom when they fail which is pretty much a mister obvious before you do all the above.
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What can cause a car heater to not work?

Answer I will firs verify is the climate control is working (the dash board) controls, and then work my way up to more complicated issues. There are to important by pass that could be clogged also, if water has been used instead of coolant. well for one it could be the heater blower motor or it cou ( Full Answer )

Why isn't my car heater working?

check the fluid level in the tank or radiator. Check the top radiator hose when the car is warming up, is it hot? If not it might just be your thermostat that needs to be replaced. Or it could be that your heater core is plugged up. You don't say how old a car this is in, some times you can take off ( Full Answer )

How does a car heater work?

[first time answering questions] car heater works like the reverse of the normal cooling radiator - in fact the heater is like a small version of the rad that's on the frnt of the car - the hot water from the engine block goes into this small rad and the heater fan blows air thru it into the car - t ( Full Answer )

Why doesn't the heater work on a 95 MPV?

Many reasons: low coolent, stuck heater valve, stuck flap that direct the heat to the cab, clogged heater core.Find the pipes the feed the water to the heater, they are on the right side of the firewall at the rear of the engine. Two rubber hoses connect to them. Warm up the engine and turn on the h ( Full Answer )

Why is my car overheating?

its a 96 caprice already changed the thermostate fans are working . Answer . Do you have an obvious leak,making the engine short of coolant? If no obvious leaks,the first place to look is the thermostat,these frequently fail shut,so restricting the coolant flow. You don't say what sort of car i ( Full Answer )

Why is car overheating?

There are many possible reasons. You need to start by checking- 1. coolant level- If it is low, refill and recheck. There might be a coolant leak and you can get the system pressure checked, could be a blow head gasket. Coolant has a smell that is unique, if you smell something check for drip marks ( Full Answer )

Heater doesn't work 92 olds?

Answer . Blower motor working?. Check coolant level System airbound? Bad thermostat? Control cable not adjusted or working properly? Selector switch not working?

Why doesn't my 2002 Honda heater blower not work.?

It seems to be a common problem with alot of Honda vehicles for the climate control fan to stop working, it is most likely either the blower resistor or the blower motor that will need replaced, I have had the same problem on my 2004 civic and it ended up being the blower resistor wich for some reas ( Full Answer )

The core has been replaced but the heater doesn't work?

Answer . you need to bleed the air out of the heater core. The water pump draws coolant through it and if the cooler isn't full of fluid,it won't work. loosen off the hoses and allow the air out being careful not to get burnt if the engine is hot.

Why doesn't your heater on Ford Explorer work?

Lots of reasons, but the most common is a broken blend door. This door regulates whether air is diverted through the heater core or not. When it breaks, it can block air flow and cause a loss of heat(or AC, depending on the position it fails in). Check for diagnostic and repair inf ( Full Answer )

Why won't my Chrysler car heater work?

Low coolant?. Bad thermostat?. Heater core airbound, plugged, or restricted?. Water pump not circulating coolant?. Temperature control not working?

Why doesn't my 95 Chrysler heater work?

I have a '99 Cirrus, where both the heater and A/C did not work - I ended up having to get the fan engine and rad changed out - $1500 I believe....

Car heater just defrost work?

When you set the control, if you chose defrost, it usually does it at the temperature you specify. So if you want heat only blowing through the windshield vents, which I believe may be the question you are asking, it varies between makes of cars. This is what to look for : defrost, fan speed, temper ( Full Answer )

Does a car heater need gasoline to work?

The engine has to be running and warmed up for the heater toproduce hot air. So yes, you need gasoline to get heat from yourcar (unless you have an electric car).

2001 dodge ram 1500 heater doesn't work?

It depends on what you mean when you say "heater" doesn't work. Does cold air come out your vents? Or does no air come out at all? If air IS coming out of the vents and it is cold, first I'd check to make sure you have enough coolant in your system. Second, I'd find the coolant lines that run from ( Full Answer )

The heater doesn't work on my 1993 Chevy Lumina Euro?

Since the engine manifold is higher than the radiator some time an air pocket develops. and the coolant will not circulate through the heater core.. There are 2 bleeders, one is on the black metal line front of engine, pass. side. The other is on the thermostat housing.. Sometimes you can bleed t ( Full Answer )

Why doesn't my car radio work?

Often when a car radio in not working a blown fuse is the culprit.It also could be a wiring problem or a defective radio.

Why doesn't my bonneville's heater fan work?

Might be the knob inside the car!!I looked for fuses under the hood and all kind of things on my 1993 and it ended up being the knob for the fan motor was cracked!! It was turning like normal but it wasn't turning the metal sleve it goes on!!

How does a heater control valve work in a car?

A heater control valve is simply a water valve which allows more or less water to circulate through the heater core, depending on how much the valve is opened. When the engine warms up it heats coolant (mostly water) in the water jacket of the engine. To keep the engine from overheating, the water ( Full Answer )

Why doesn't the heater work on a Chevy Equinox?

If you cannot change the temperature from cold to hot on an Equinox or Pontiac Torrent, a common cause is a broken temperature door . This is a very difficult repair. ------------------------

Why does my Jeep overheat and heater and air conditioning doesn't work.?

For both your heater and air conditioning not to work means you either broke a belt or the belt is loose.. Overheating would also be caused by this, because your water pump is driven by the same belt.. Do not drive it until you get it fixed, you'll kill that engine by overheating it.

Why doesn't my car have any power after it overheated?

Usually when you're continuing to operate a severely overheating car, your rings are destroying themselves on the cylinder walls.. This results in less compression, oil consumption and loss of power.. Assuming this is the problem, having the engine rebuilt is the only solution for this.. You can ( Full Answer )

What do you do if your car is overheating?

Shut it off! Let it cool. (this may take an hour or two) Check: . Coolant Level . That the air to the radiator is unobstructed . The drive belts for water pump etc are working. . that the enigine has oil If all these check as proper the car will have to be checked by a qualified person.

Do portable car heaters work?

Yes, portable car heaters do work, but it is best to look atreviews of different kinds before purchasing them. Make sure tocheck whether it is simply a car heater or a car defrost/defogger.

Why doesn't Heater work in my Jeep Cherokee Sport?

That depends on what it is doing. If the fan is not working, it is the motor, fuse or wiring. The most likely cause of motor not working at all is the fuse. Second case is the motor. If the fan only works on high, the resistor block is bad. This is located inside of the air venting system. There are ( Full Answer )

Can the thermostat be bad if the heater doesn't work?

If you are not getting heated air blowing from the heater core andyour engine coolant temperature gauge is showing LOW or below normal , ( then YES , IT'S POSSIBLE that your engine cooling thermostat issticking open )

Why doesn't my heater work in my 2004 impala?

my heater doesn't work in my 04 Chevy impala. My coolant levels are correct, and this still does not correct the problem. Could it possibly be the coil in the dash. If not what could problem be?

Why doesn't my AC work in my car?

You should probably get an engineer to look at that. usually it is because it has simply worn down and needs replacement. this has happened twice to me.

Why doesn't my nitro car work?

i ask my self the same thing i could tell u i have wasted over a gallon of fuel just trying to get it working **** just feel like breaking it

Why does heater work only when your car is idle?

I am going to assume that you are pondering why the heater only maintains heat while the engine is running. The answer is quite simple. The engine uses a combination of anti-freeze and water to help keep it cool. The water is circulated by a water pump. The hot water moves through the heater core, w ( Full Answer )

Why doesn't the heater on my 1992 Chevy G20 work?

If you are getting no heater fan inside, then probably the heater blower motor resistor or fan motor. If the fan blows and you get cold air, then check the coolant level in the radiator first. If coolant level is good, then check to make sure the heater control head in the vehicle is actually on hea ( Full Answer )

Why doesn't heater fan work in 1999 VW?

There may be various reasons. The fuse my have blown. A loose wire or other part. A faulty part. It's over 14 years old and simply expired.