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P0171 System too Lean (Bank 1)

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What is the check engine code P0171 for a Mazda Protege?

Trouble code P0171 means:System too lean (bank 1)

What is check engine code p0171 on a 1998 Plymouth breeze?

Trouble code P0171 means:System too lean (Bank 1)

What are diagnostic code P0171 for a 2002 Chevy S10?

System to lean, bank 1. Check for vacuum leaks under the hood.

What does check engine code P0171 mean for 2002 Mazda protege 5?

Trouble code P0171 means :System too lean (bank 1)

What does the check engine code PO171 mean?

P0171 System too Lean (Bank 1)

Check engine light comes on for your 2001 ford ranger XLT. When checked with diagnostic tool comes up with codes p171p174?

P0171 - system too lean ( Bank 1 ) - passenger side of engine P0174 - system too lean ( Bank 2 ) - drivers side of engine

What diagnostic tool can check if your engine is bad?

a human brain is the best.

Mazda MPV 1992 How do you read diagnostic codes lamp Check engine is ON?

how to reset check engine light on 1992 Mazda mpv

What is a data port on a ford van?

It is the port, where a diagnostic machine can be hooked up. The diagnostic will read codes from your vehicles computer. For instance if your check engine light comes on, you can plug the diagnostic machine into the data port and it will tell you why the check engine light came on so that you can get it fixed.

In your 1996 Oldsmobile aurora the check engine light is on and it surges by itself what could be the problem?

Probably a vacuum leak. Do you have a code P0171 or P0174?

What steps are involved in repairing code P0171 check engine light?

First disconnect the mass air sensor and see if the vehicle starts

What do the engine warning light symbols mean on an Infiniti?

have an engine diagnostic check at an auto shop to find out what the problem may be.

How to reset check engine light on 1997 jetta?

It is very easy to reset a check engine light on a 1997. The light can be reset by putting the restet tool into the diagnostic port. The diagnostic port is located right beside the hood release latch.

What is the Smog check code p0171 for a 2001 volkswagen beetle?

Trouble code P0171 means: System Too Lean (Bank 1)

What to do to 1998 Buick LeSabare with Engine check light on for P0171 code and occasional P0440 code?

Trouble code P0171 means: Fuel Trim System Lean (Bank 1 Trouble code P0440 means: EVAP System No Flow During Purge

How do you reset the check engine light on a buick regal?

The check engine light on a Buick Regal can be reset with a special diagnostic scanner. This can be performed at a car dealership or service garage.

What do I do first the 95 Saturn SL2 I just bought now has its check engine light on?

Connect an engine diagnostic scanner to find out what is wrong.

What is the problem for 2003 Toyota Sienna check engine light on occasionlly?

When the light comes on it's telling you to read the engine diagnostic codes.

How do you reset check engine light on 94 Acura Legend?

take it to your mechanic so he can run a diagnostic.

Daewoo engine safe mode how to fix?

need to take it for diagnostic check to find out why its in safe mode

Is there something you can do to stop the check engine light from coming on saying bank 1 and 2 lean after installing cold air intake?

Sometimes you can connect the diagnostic tool and it will reset the check engine light. You can have Auto Zone or Advanced Auto connect the diagnostic tool for free.

What does it mean when the check engine light comes on in a 1997 Ford F150 and how can you turn it off?

you can only check it and clearit with an OBDII diagnostic scaner

Dodge stratus 2005 check engine light blinking?

If the check engine light is blinking on your 2005 Dodge Stratus, you most likely have a sensor that is damaged or requires replacement. You can check this by accessing the diagnostic computer at the dealership.

How do you reset the check engine light on 2001 Honda Accord?

Light can only be reset by the use of diagnostic equipment.

How do you reset check engine light on ford 500?

You need a code reader that plugs into car's diagnostic port.