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The church says that you should not try to contact a spirit so what do you do if a spirit contacts YOU?

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June 29, 2016 1:12AM

Tell them to leave in the name of jesus name and mean it.

Ally-in-Wonderland's answer:

I truthfully know nothing about this, but what I would do is...

1. Ask who they are.

2. Ask what they want.

3. Get to know them and/or what they want.

4. If you trust eachother, promise to try to get/do what they want UNLESS it is dangerous.

5. Stay and talk a while if they don't want anything - wish them a fairwell if you do not trust them or they want anything dangerous.

Those are just things I would do, but it depends on the situation.


If you do not have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, I would suggest you find someone that does and bring them to your house to cast them out.

This is how it was done in the Bible, with people that were Baptized in the Holy Spirit.
Run like hell Tell them to leave in jesus's name

Georgenicol The only trouble with running with hell and demanding a spirit leave is that the spirit concerned may very well be trying to communicate to you information of great importance and value. The information could take the form of guidance or warning. For example, one afternoon in 1987 I felt a little tired so I lay on the top of my bed for a few minutes. Suddenly I heard this loud 'voice' in my mind with message that said: "You must get your mother to a hospital - or else!" Here we have an example of a spirit being trying and succeeding to communicate with me - and by doing so giving me information of very great importance. My sister actually received the same message. My mother was one of those people who would only go to the doctor's surgery if her head fell off. When my sister and I told her of the spiritual communication that we had received about her it encouraged her to go to the hospital. She learned that she had a serious but treatable heart condition. The doctors told her though if she did not come into the hospital when she did she would have died in a very short time.

Because of that information and because of the treatment my mother received because of that information my mother lived another five years in good health right up to the end of her life. What would have happened if I had followed the church's advice and run like hell and demand the spirit depart? My mother would have died - that's what. People do not seem to understand the truth about spirit and spirit beings. How can they? The church itself doesn't know very much about spiritual truth. It has great lack of knowledge about it and a great deal of the knowledge it does have is incorrect. In my opinion, it is a case of: those who should know most about spiritual truth and the things of the spirit know least. The church also discourages people from learning about the truth. In many ways the church has been of great service to humanity but in the respect of imparting and researching into the truths of the spirit they are found very wanting. In my opinion, film, TV, and other media have also made a great contribution to promoting misunderstanding of the truths of the spirit. They do that purely for dramatic effect and to increase appeal. They have no reason for doing otherwise - but the church does.

Perhaps you may be interested to learn something about the real truth about spirit beings from someone who has been interested in discerning the truths of the spirit for forty years. People should not think that there are human beings and spirit beings. The fact is, human beings are spirit beings too. They do not have to pass away before they become spirit beings. They are spirit beings while they live on this earth plane. The only difference between spirit beings on spiritual planes and spirit beings on the earth plane is that we human beings have physical bodies while spirit beings on spiritual planes do not. That's the only difference between the two. When we leave this earth plane and our earthly existence at the end of our physical existence- as all must do - we permanently discard our physical bodies.

People seem to think that when someone passes over into the spirit world they automatically become evil. Let me tell you though that passing over into spirit does not and can not change your basic nature and your personality. That means if you were a loving soul while you live on earth you will be a loving soul in the spirit world - and you will be inclined to have loving thoughts and do loving things in accordance with your loving nature. However, if you did evil things while you lived on earth you will probably be inclined to do similar evil and mischievous things on the other side - again in accordance with your essential nature.

If the bond and feeling of love existed with someone or with some people while you were on this earth plane, passing over to the other side will not sever or change it. Why should it, and why would you expect that it should? If you have loved ones in New York do you think you will love them any less because you go to live in Sydney, Australia? Why would you love them any less if that were so and why would you think that you would? Let me tell you something that I do not think will insult your reason, logic and common sense: great distance or change in vibrational state - which is what we have when we have two beings, one on the earth plane and one in the spirit world - do not lessen the bond or feelings of love that exist between two souls. In fact they tend increase it! Separation causes the separated parties to appreciate the other more. It causes them to be taken less for granted. So often separation causes love and affection to come about that didn't exist before. When someone passes into the spirit world then they do not stop loving loved ones who are still on the earth plane. They love them even more because they can still see and perceive the grief that these people needlessly experience. They are aware of illnesses and suffering that their loved one experience - and they frequently know what will happen if a loved one takes or continues to take a course of action.

Love, comfort, solace and guidance is a great reason why a person in the spirit world desires to make contact with a loved one. Obviously because the departed spirit person no longer has a physical body they cannot communicate by physical means. Communication and contact must be through spiritual connection or attunement between the two parties. Such communication is very delicate and can be shattered easily by the wrong vibrations - such as telling the spirit to go to hell and demanding they depart. This will break the spiritual connection - but what it also does it that it will deny you the opportunity to make contact with a loved one or a spirit being who only has your best interests at heart. If your wife, husband, child, father, mother, or loved one etc has just passed over and you pray that they could still be with you then when your prayers are answered in the only way they can be by the departed spirit attempting to make contact with you and you tell them to go to hell how do you think they will feel?

It is true that not all spirit beings who try to make contact are loved ones of personal acquaintance. Many will be loving souls who are sent the help you in your life e.g. it could be a spirit guide or it could just be someone who seeks to help you in some way. Just as we have loving souls in this world who desire and go out of their way to help other people we have loving souls in the spirit world who do the same. When we block spiritual communications this is what we miss out on - and let me tell you that we are not better off because of that.

It is those spirit beings i.e. departed spirit beings and other non-human spirit entities - who would seek to work evil and do mischievous things that we should not communicate with. Such beings attempt to influence and encourage you to do their bidding. When we have an attempted spiritual communication then these can result in either good things or bad things. One way of dealing with such communication is to deny all of it and prevent it from occurring. This will unfortunately deny us of the good and the bad. Another way - and a way by which we can profit - is to learn how to be selective so that we can allow the good to pass through and to filter out the bad. Unfortunately such spiritual mediumship is rather a lost art in the orthodox churches and so their policy seems to be to filter out the good and the bad. If you know about the law of like attracting like you should know that it not only applies in the physical world and the mental world but in the spiritual world and the things of the spirit as well. Thus if you want to attract evil and mischievous spirits you surround yourself with like spiritual vibrations - or more correctly unspiritual vibrations - such as thoughts of hatred, anger, revenge, lust, greed, violence, fear, jealousy and thoughts of like nature. You can also create a very bad unspiritual atmosphere by drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco or taking drugs. These tend to stimulate the lower aspects of the self and create poor quality vibrations. If you want to attract the wrong spiritual 'crowd' this is what you do. If you want to attract the right spiritual 'crowd' you must do the exact opposite. You must first create a state of peace, stillness and tranquility within and without the self. It is this that promotes the activity of the spirit. Then having created an atmosphere which smooths the way for spiritual contact you must raise your vibrations in such a positive way that you attract the right spiritual contact. Obviously to do that you do not do anything that is written in the above paragraph. You must surround yourself with love. This raises the spiritual vibrations and stimulates the higher self and it is this that attracts beings of spiritual nature and spiritual inclination. Then you pray to God or spirit to to provide you with protection and to help you be attuned to the higher vibrations and to those of the higher vibrations. Is it not obvious that if you are surrounded and influenced by nasty spirit beings and spirit entities, the reason is probably because you yourself have created the negative spiritual atmosphere and vibrations that attract these type of beings? It could also be the case that the people you associate yourself with do the same. If this is so the negative vibrations that are created can be very very powerful and this can strongly attract the wrong kind of spirits. If you want to free yourself from the influence of nasty spirit beings the answer is obviously to create a positive spiritual atmosphere. What you will find is that church services tend to be designed with the purpose of promoting the activity of the spirit within the church - yet churches seem to deny the spirit contact and the spirit benefits that such conditions create. People, in my opinion, so often have an unwarranted fear in things like spiritual communications and in other spiritual phenomena. The fact is, spiritual phenomena are natural, not unnatural or supernatural phenomena. They are explained by and occur because of natural law. People are not afraid of natural physical phenomena and they should not be afraid of natural spiritual phenomena either. Using things that utilize natural physical energy are perfectly safe if a few simple safety precautions are taken and precisely the same applies when natural spiritual energy is being utilized. Let me say that the production of spiritual phenomena such as spiritual communication is a serious business and should be considered as such but one should really not be any more fearful of producing spiritual phenomena than one should be in using a computer or driving a car.