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He owns the car legally now that he has the title. The only thing you can do is gather financial evidence that you paid those 3 times and ask him for the money. If he refuses, take him to small claims court. You will win. If the person's name is not on the title he or she has no legal rights to the vehicle. Simply having possession of the title to a vehicle or any property does not confer ownership rights. A cosigner who is not included on the title cannot keep possession of it until they are reimbursed for payments made, they must use the due process of law. If the person's name is not on the title then the bank has made a serious error and has placed itself in the postition of being sued by the primary borrower if that person so chooses.

ANSWER It sounds like you're saying that you were the primary purchaser, and the co-signer only made three payments the length of the loan, correct? In that case. you guys both are probably on the title, and, to get the vehicle/title back is to arrange to oay him back for the three payments they made during that time. You can probably come to an amicable agreement like you pay them back for the total amount they spent on the vehicle and then have them go with you to the registration office in your city so that they can sign the title over to you.

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Q: The co-signer for the car loan had to make 3 payments through the course of the term and at the time of payoff he requested the bank to send him the title and they did Now he is keeping the title?
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The short answer is, nothing good. As a co-signer, you are still responsible for making sure the mortgage payments are made in full on time. However, you should talk to the bank that holds the mortgage to see what you need to do, particularly if the title of the house doesn't come to you through the will or settling of the estate.

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