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The death of Superman?


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Superman has never died for good. His death is best known for happening when he went down in the fight with the intergalactic monster Doomsday. He eventually revived as the laws of death do not apply to him like they do to regular humans. He has also died in episodes of old Cartoons where he was overexposed to kryptonite- but there always seemed to be a way to bring him back. He is considered to be ageless from Earth's yellow sun and therefore will remain alive until it turns red.


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Superman died in the fight with Domesday in the Death of Superman storyline in 1992.

Superman died in The Death of Superman story line in 1992.

It already has, you can find it at

Doomsday killed him in the 1992 story-arc The Death of Superman

The price of the Death of Superman comic book will vary depending on the condition. This comic book can be worth anywhere from $10 to over $200.

The Death and Return of Superman - 2011 was released on: USA: 27 November 2011 (Los Angeles, California)

The Superman logo arm band was worn by all DC characters after the Death of Superman during "Funeral for a Friend"

There was a stand alone comic that featured Calvin Ellistaking on the role of Superman.During the Death of Superman storyline, John Henry Ironsdons a suit of armor with the 'S' insignia, he didn't technically claim he was Superman and was later dubbed Steel by the resurrected Superman.

Yes. If they fight, Superman wins. Same in death battle. Clayface always plans on hurting Batman.

Superman was killed by Doomsday in 1992 comic book storyline "The death of Superman." However, he actually goes into hibernation-like state and is resurrected by Eradicator. (Wikipedia, The death of Superman). i am just here to state that none of you answers his/her question at all. i have no clue to if you can kill him without kryptonite. That's why I left the Wikipedia link. I guess the answer is no, but since Superman is a factious person and anyone could write a "Superman" comic (as long as you had permission from Marvel) the answer is unknowable.

Superman will smash him into chocolate ice cream. Superman would fly and punch him and do the same over and over until he flies and rips his heart out. Superman would fly away and fight Lex Luthor and choke him to death.

There are actually several comics labeled Funeral for a Friend. It was part of a series referencing the death of Superman. Comics included in this are:* World Without a Superman * The Adventures of Superman#498: Death of a Legend * Action Comics #685, Featuring Supergirl: RE: Actions * Legacy of Superman: Waverider at Vanishing Point * Superman: The Man of Steel #20: Funeral Day * Superman #76: Metropolis Mailbag 2 * Adventures of Superman #499: Grave Obsession * Action Comics #686: Who's Buried in Superman's Tomb? * Superman: The Man of Steel #21: Ghosts * Superman #77: The End World Without Superman contains a storyline called Funeral for a Friend. The others have Funeral for a Friend headlined across the top of the front cover. To get the most accurate value, you would need to know which of these you have, along with what condition the comic is in.The CGC value for The Adventures of Superman #498: Death of a Legend currently stands at: $0.03 for poor condition up to $200.00 for gem mint. Also check if your issue number has a variant. For instance, there is a The Adventures of Superman#498, The Adventures of Superman #498A, and The Adventures of Superman #498B. This can dramatically effect values.

For the Superboy from earth prime who calls himself superman prime: He pushed the and said it was like a "feather". for the golden original superman in the futureit is he punched throught time while he was near death

In a fight to the death? Wolverine, but only if supermans no kill code is still intact. Otherwise in any sort of fight superman would win.

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George Reeves played the first Superman on TV. He suffered a mysterious death at the time, and was fictionalized in the film Hollywoodland, which starred Ben Affleck.

In the package it is worth about $10 on amazon.

It is about the mysterious death of Superman actor George Reeves. It is a very good movie.

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Death of Superman is by DC not marvel. Comics need about 20 years to start gaining value, so next year they'll start rising. Right now, depending on condition, about 1 ½ times face value

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