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This sounds like a hydraulic valve lifter that is dirty, sticking and is not getting enough oil to lubricate the lifter. After the engine warms up and the oil pressure is stable, the lifter begins to get enough oil and quiets down. Try changing your oil and use a lighter weight oil like 10/W/30. After 2500 miles return to your former vescosity oil.

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Q: The engine is making a ticking noise when the rpm goes above 2000 the noise starts to fade away after a while and is louder when the engine is cold any ideas?
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Hi i have a subaru legacy 1996. It has startd making a ticking noise when it starts in the morning.IT eventually fades as the engine warms up.But i have been told i may need a new engine Help?

Ticking is not that that big of a deal to require a new engine. If your engine is knocking, it is a big deal. Make sure your car is ticking first. Ticking is usually caused by the valvetrain of the engine when it is not properly lubricated. As the engine increases oil pressure the oil makes its way into the valvetrain and the sound should go away. If it goes away when the engine is warm, it's likely ticking. If it is ticking, it sounds like you might be low on oil. Add a half quart see if it goes away. Then check your dipstick to make sure your are in the "safe zone." On some cars, you need to go above the "full" mark (ONLY A LITTLE, at most 1 quart over, which is about the same as the distance from full to low marks on the dipstick). It may need more oil, but use judgment from there. Hope that helped. I do not think it is a big deal, if your engine makes ticking noise. I drive my subaru seit 7 years with such kind of noise and never had any problems.. Do not replace engine for such small thing, most likely is your hyd.lifter a bit noisy. So what :)) Good luck.

What causes a ticking noise after the car first starts then goes away?

The engine parts are rubbing until the engine oil pressure builds up and the oil starts to lube the parts. Old oil, wrong viscosity, or a clogged filter can cause this to be worse than necessary.

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I have a 99 Camaro V6. The engine is making a ticking noise when it starts cold then when it warms up it is fine any suggestions?

it may be an exhaust manifold gasket. when they are bad, they make a tapping soud til it heats up and semi-seals itself. it's one thing to have checked.

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1994 Plymouth voyager makes a ticking noise from the time it starts until you turn it off What is the problem and how can you fix it?

The ticking noise could be worn out rocker arms under valve covers. Switch to heavier weight oil if ticking noise subsides that could be your problem. This is usually a sign of a high mileage engine. Worst case scenario would be weak oil pump not getting oil to top of heads.

What is wrong with your Chevy 350 if it starts ticking at higher RPMS?

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