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The engine tries to start but still wont start?


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2009-01-17 01:24:29
2009-01-17 01:24:29

It sounds like its not getting fuel. Could be clogged fuel filter or bad fuel pump.

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Maybe Its The Muffler or the pistons hitting the engine

If a new car engine was installed and a vehicle still will not start, it might be that the computer needs to be reset. If other engine parts were reused on the new motor, like the starter, that should be checked too. Also check the battery and ignition switch.

Check engine compression Check engine timing

when it wont start or when something sounds funny

I do not have a answer for it, do you an answer for this problem?

If the engine turns over the batteries are fine. Diesels require special equipment to troubleshoot, take it to a shop that is competent in diesel engines.

engine cranks but wont start means one of these things.. Air, Fuel, Spark, or compression

The computer doesn't allow to start the engine. Check the error code.

Diagnosis: Engine Won't Start or Run Check related link below

The term 'dead engine' is usually meant to refer to an engine that wont start. The symptoms are that the engine does not start, the starter might turn it over, but that is it. No firing, no backfiring, the engine is effectively 'dead.'

Go to the dealer with you Vin# and they will reprogram it for you.

a lot of factors to consider... will the engine rotate at all?

Battery could be low, it takes more energy to start engine Check starter wires

wont crank or wont start if it wont crank backup 1 page find no crank.

You have a bad starter. Jump start the engine, and head to NAPA for a new starter. I have the same problem. Does it start right up sometimes, then other times it doesn't start? If that's the case, it's still the starter.

Only if the engine is not cranking. Otherwise the problem is engine related.

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