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your camber is off (some suspension component, might have to look into it some more). Now the angle of your tire has changed, so the weight of the car is on the outside of your tires and as you roll down the street, there is more friction, thust more wear on the outside of your tires. the toe is the biggest cause of tire wear. it is common on that particular vehicle for the inner tie rods to go bad.

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โˆ™ 2006-10-18 01:45:52
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Q: The front tires on your 1990 Tempo GL look like they are at a angle and your tires are getting bald on the outside very fast why?
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On a Ford Tempo/Mercury Topaz from 1984-1994, you remove/peel back the driver side wheel well plastic piece, (minor disassembly may be required depending on your generation of Topaz/Tempo). The canister is mounted on the outside of the engine bay on the inner body, inbetween the inner wheel well cover, the driver side fender and the front bumper cover. Source ~ Owner of multiple T/Ts past and present.

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