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If the blower motor only works on high speed, which in your case is speed 5, it is a definite that the blower motor resistor needs to be replaced. When choosing all the other speeds the current travels through a certain resistor, which in turn slows down the speed of the blower motor. High speed is direct 12 volts to the blower motor. So when it works only on high speed there is a 99.9% chance that the blower motor resistor is shorted or blown and needs to be replaced

I have a 99 grand am as well and I have heat but it only works on setting 5. I replaced the resistor last night and it was horrible(broken, melted, discolored) Put the new one in and still no heat on any setting but 5. I am going to replace the climate control panel to see if that is the issue in my car.

If you have no heat you may want to consider adding antifreeze. Sometimes the grand am's have bad coolant sensors.

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Q: The heater in the 1999 grand am is being funny it had no heat a new fuse help but it only works on number 5 what needs replace now?
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