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the ignition actuator is broken, you can turn off the "battery power" by the the ignition actuator rod that leads to the ignition switch, it runs along the top of the steering column under the dash, locate it and pull it towards the steering wheel, this should shut off the power. or you can unhook you battery, but either way you will have to replace the actuator.

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Q: The ignition in your 1990 bronco wont engage the starter and causea the battery power to remain on already changed the lock cylinder without result?
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My fingers slipped of the key when I tried to start it and now theres no power to the the ignition I changed the starter battery and the ignition switch and still nothing What could it be?

u might have broke something the actual ignition lock cylinder, that would be my guess from the sounds of it.

What should you check next if you already replaced the battery and the starter and your vehicle still will not start?

Since you changed your battery and starter I'm assuming you are getting fuel and spark is your problem. You should check your starter relay, the wires from the relay to your starter, the wires from your battery to the relay, the wires from your locking cylinder to the relay, and your locking cylinder. You might also check your alternator. You can take it to a parts store to have it bench tested for free.

Battery is being drained when ignition is off?

Had the same problem, changed the positive and negative battery cable heads, this stopped the drain. Check and see if the cables are good first.

How do you know if your key is bad 1992 Cadillac?

If the key will turn in the ignition cylinder, the only other fault the key can have is a missing or damaged resistor. The resistor is in the middle of the key and looks like a small black oval. The resistor has one of 16 specific values and is "read" by the Pass-key module. If you have a vehicle with 30K or more on the odometer that won't start, and everything else is good, (battery, starter etc…), the most likely problem is the two little wires that connect the Pass-key module to the ignition cylinder. These wires have to flex each time the cylinder is turned and eventually break at the ignition cylinder. The only reliable repair is to replace the ignition lock cylinder and key. New Ignition lock cylinders do not come with real ignition keys, only a temporary key to identify the cuts. If the cylinder is changed you have to purchase a new key separately to match the old key resistor and then cut to match the new lock cylinder.

How do you change an ignition switch for a 1997 Nissan pickup?

I have changed an ignition in one. I used a pneumatic cut-off wheel to cut straight slots in the blank faces of the two bolts that retain the lock cylinder. Then, I used an impact screwdriver to remove the bolts. when you get the new ignition lock cylinder, you can use a large flat screwdriver to re-install the bolts.

Why does a 1998 wrangler stall when you slow for curves and stop at stop signs it is an automatic 6-cylinder?

possibly due to loss of ignition... When was the last time you changed plugs wires coil etc...? check that first...

How do you determine what is drawing the battery down after you already changed the battery and alternator?

Disconnect the negative cable and connect (insert) an ammeter between the battery and the battery cable. Remove the fuses one by one and see which causes the current draw to drop.

You just changed your battery and now nothing happens at all when you turn the ignition?

you either overlooked a hot lead that needs to be reconnected at the battery, or you grounded a hot wire and blew a fuse or fusible link wire

Why do power windows work with key out of ignition cylinder?

This will be because someone has changed the wiring configuration - The electric window relay should be energised via a switched 12v (either straight from the ignition switch or from ignition relay) to switch a bigger current to power all the windows. In this case someone has removed the relay coil 12v feed from the switched source and connected it to a permanant source (straight from the battery and not via any switches.) -Daz Ellerington.

Why do my flashers stay on because I changed my ignition?

It would help if we knew the year, make and model. It has to be something you did when you changed the ignition.

Changed battery ignition module coil still no spark at plugs clio mk1 16valve?

Change crank shaft angle sensor ul get a spark

What could cause a clutch pedal on a 1992 Toyota celica to stick to the floorboard with no loss of fluid and I have already changed the slave cylinder and bled it several times?

If you've changed the slave cylinder and bled it several times, the next step would be to check the MASTER cylinder and if that doesn't work then your clutch is burned out.

Your 94 accord starts with no problem however when you drive it for a while It will stop sudently you have already changed the ignition switchbut that was not the problemCan it be the main relay?

check your ignition coil. that's what happen to me when the engine get hot the car stop.

You changed the starter on your 1994 Pontiac Bonneville and the car still wont start?

You should check the wires that are in the steering column to the ignition lock cylinder. They tend to break easily.

Does the ignition key for a 1996 ford ranger also unlock the door or is a separate key needed?

It only uses ( 1 ) key , unless a lock cylinder has been changed

I have a 1988 Chevy Cavalier. I replaced the Alternator and Battery and also changed a linkable fuse between the alternator and battery. The test still reads no output to alternator. Any ideas?

?ignition control module/pickup

How has the battery changed?


When your 1993 imperial sits the battery drains?

have you changed the battery

1979 gmc pickup won't turnover changed starter ignition still nothing and battery is good what else can it be?

Check all the fuses, and to make sure the wiring is all good?

Changed battery and now rpm drop at idle and dies?

changed battery in 2000 chrystler sebring and now will not idle

Do you have to reprogram the 97 preludes after the ignition switch is changed?

No, you do not.

When do ignition switches need to be changed?

When they develop a fault.

1992 buick park avenue ultra that after 30 minutes of driving wants to cut off you changed the spark plug and wires you changed the fuel filter air filter and the thermostat but it still?

check the alternator, ignition coil. or even see what the charge at the battery is.

What do you do when the keyswitch won't turn off on a 97 Chevy lumina?

The first thing you can do when your key switch won't turn off is to remove the positive cable from your battery. You will need to get the key switch ignition changed.

How to fix bronco ii starting on its own with ignition off?

Try checking the cylanoid both on the starter and at the battery they maybe bad. I changed mine to and make sure it isn't shorted out and wired correctly