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The left tailight on 94 jimmy does not work Brake light does Both filaments are good Used test light on all three wires yellow black purple but cant find power Right side works fine?


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June 18, 2014 3:31PM

Check the easy one first, check the fuse.

Make sure the connection is clean also. Make sure you have power to/from the fuse. If you have no power to the fuse then maybe the turn lever housing is bad.

You may have a break somewhere in between the fuse and the light. Does the front work or just the back one not work?

If the brake light does work, you do have one power feed. You need to recheck that. You tester may not be working.

It's going to take some detective work. Start at the socket and work back through the harness inspecting and probing for power with your test light until you find the break.