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The tail light/brake light bulb has two filaments. If one of the filaments is broken, you will get either only tail lights, or brake lights. If a new bulb doesn't work, then you have a broken wire or bad connection in your plug-in.

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Q: What is the problem if you have tail lights but only one brake light?
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Brake lights don't work when the brake is pushed. Work with headlights on only.?

The brake lights and the tail lights are separate circuits. Check the brake light fuse, then check the brake light bulbs, then check the brake light switch.

Why does only lights on dash that works is check engine light and brake light work on a 1991 blazer?

i have the same problem i replaced the coolant temp sensor to get my check engine light to go off but it could be a number of things the brake light means you have a problem with the brake system but i have hared that the light sticks and is a common problem with blazers in the late eighties and early nineties models

Why does your tail lights only work when you press on the brake?

Are you saying your tail lights themselves do not work and only the brake lights work. If that is the case, check the fuse, and then check the tail light bulbs.

Why does the brake light not light up when you turn on the light but it light when you brake?

This is operating as intended. Brake lights are only activated when the brake pedal is pressed, irrespective of the other lights in use. It is a safety feature so vehicles behind are aware the brakes have been applied. They are separate from the tail lights so they still give a visual indication of braking whether the other lights are on or off.

Why does the brake light not light up on 1997 Quest when you turn on the light but it light when you brake?

Brake lights only come on when you press the pedal. The brake light is either a different bulb or filament in a dual-filament bulb than the tail light.

What could be wrong with your car if the brake lights work when the lights are off but when the lights are turned on the passenger side tail lights and brake lights completely go out?

This is usually a grounding problem. Either an insufficient ground to the assy or a positive to ground problem. As you mention the brake lights work with the lights off, it will probably be related to a problem with the "running lights" system. As you mention only a problem with the passenger rear, I would check for a poor ground related to that light assy or possibly one of the bulbs' internal filaments in that assy touching each other. Or possibly a socket failure at that assy. Good Luck

Does the light across the back of a Cadillac CTS lights up?

yes, it lights up only when brake is applied

Why Does Parking Brake Light stay on 2001 Chev Tahoe when brake is released?

The brake light on most vehicles is not only an indicator that the parking brake is on, but that there is a problem with the system.

How do you reset the parking brake light on a Renault 2004 grand espace?

You can't reset the parking light - It shows you have a fault at that time - Cure the fault and the light will go out - I have a problem with mine - I have an intermittent fault the light only comes on when the parking brake is faulty - most of the time the lights out

Brake pedal turns on dash lights when depressed on a hyndai accent?

Have you upgraded any lights to LEDs? This answer can apply to any car with this problem but only if LED lights are used. This can be caused by LED 1157 tail/brake combo lights. The problem is that the tail and brake lights are not always as isolated as they should be. When the brake lights are powered on the tail light terminal becomes live. This voltage will power up the park light circuit ie. tail lights, front park lights and instrument panel. The "short" comes after the LED resistors in the 1157 therefore the leaked current is low and will not usually cause any problems unless you have LED's throughout the park light circuit, there is insufficient current to turn on standard light bulbs. Solution is a diode fitted in line on the tail light wires to the 1157s allowing current into the 1157 but not out.

What would make your brake lights not work?

The most likely cause is a bad brake light switch (if none of the brake lights illuminate) but if its only one of the brake lights, try changing the bulb. Even if they still work as running or turn lights because they have a double filament and may still work partially, but not as brake lights.

What could the problem be Chevy silverado o2 has no brake lights and only one turn signal and has back up lights and the back glass brake light works any suggestions?

So you're saying that you have a 3rd brake light but nothing at the lower brake lights, and only one of the turn signals work. If that's the case, it's probably the brake light switch in the steering column. Don't touch it!!! The air bag is in the steering wheel, and if you make a mistake and it goes off, it could be very harmful or even fatal. Take it to someone who has experience and training.

Why would the brake lights on your 1994 Corvette not function except the center high one which works fine?

AnswerTry checking your fuse for your tail lights in your fuse box if that doesnt work try check for a short in your wiringAnswerI noticed on my 1990 did the same. Also found out it only happens when the TILT wheel is completely down. Try lifting the tilt wheel up and down with someone watching your brake lights. Have not pinned down the source in the column yet, but will keep looking!!!The brake light switch is probably the problem. My '91 had the opposite - the brake lights worked but the 3rd light did not. The brake light switch has 2 terminals - one for brake lights and one for the 3rd brake light. Replace the switch.

Why would the brake lights tail lights and turn signals not work on your 1985 Volvo 240 if emergency flashers are operational and fuses and bulbs are good?

I am having the same trouble. My brake lights work with the light switch for nighttime driving, but only far right brake light works when i pres brake pedal. Reverse lights dont work at all. Turn signals and hazard light work.

Why do my brake brake lights only work when i press the wires on turn signal arm 1998 lumina?

the blinker switch shorted out the brake lights... really really common problem, need to replace the switch

What would cause the brake lights to stay on in a 1995 villager?

I have a 98 Villager and I had the same problem. I found that the brake light switch at the brake pedal needed adjusting. Just loosen the lock nut and adjust the switch so that the brake lights do not stay on but only come on when the brakes are applied, then tighten the locknut. Worked for me. Hope this helps.

Why are your brake lights out when you remove the front turn signal plugs from behind your motorcycles headlight?

You may have disconnected the earth return or battery wire for the brake lights. This is only a possible solution if the brake lights do not use the frame as an earth return directly adjacent to the brake light housing. Normally the switch operated by the brake pedal or lever connects and earth to the brake circuit to light the brake lamp.

98 Monte Carlo that when the blinker is turned on only the brake light above the trunk works It only happens when the blinker is on other than that the brake lights work fine?

Problem most likely is in the Turn Signal switch. I had same problem , replaced Turn Signal switch assembly and that fixed it.

Why brake lights come on only sometime?

sometime only brake!

Is there a bulb in the third brake light or a fuse that maybe blown this question is or the 202 gmc envoy?

the fuse should be for all brake lights and tail lights if only one is out its a bulb

What if your third brake light is the only brake light working?

It probably indicates that both your other brake lights are burned out and need replacing. BTW: It is illegal in most (if not all) jurisdictions to drive this way.

1998 dodge ram 1500 with van off i press on the brakes and dash light comes on and with light on i dont get any left signal only with lights off what could be the problem?

It seems you have two problems here. If you press the brake pedal and the brake light on the dash luminates, you have a brake problem or the fluid level is low. The other problem seems to be the blinker light on the left side is not working or the blinking tail light on the same side is out. It's more than likely the latter. Good luck!

How do you locate a problem with only one side of brake lights that don't come on topaz?

Try to find out if the car have fuses for left and right brake lights. And did you replace the bulb on the side that is not working?

You keep blowing the brake light fuse in your focus?

Are both your brake lights blowing out? If it affects only one light: it could be a bad light socket, or a pinched or frayed wire that is shorting out.

Why Brake light on at all times?

Ive had this problem before. Look on your brake pedal for the brake switch. Its a plunger like switch, its usually the only thing on the brake pedal. If you wiggle it the lights will go off like they should. If that works you need to get a new brake switch. Its pretty easy and cheap to change.