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The only working Number 5 fan setting now makes a grinding noise like a bad barring in the heater fan?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-22 17:18:00

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Yeah, I have the same problem - I think it's due to a water leak from the heater matrix or water ingress into the fan unit... not sure which. Water could be heard sloshing around inside the fan unit... Old wise men always say if there is a water leak in the car it's 99 times /100 the heater matrix, but I belive it to be rain leak... it's always worse after heavy rain... I believe this water ingress has corroded the fan / bearings, thereby placing undue load on the motor windings blowing the lower fan settings. I'm loath to strip out the dash etc to get to the fan unit but with winter looming I fear it's a job that has to be done... I'll leave another answer here whan I know more...

2006-08-22 17:18:00
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