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The owners manual was stolen years ago Could you send you a copy of the fuse diagram Thanks?

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βˆ™ 2007-10-29 14:57:29

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Check out the website on the left side of the computer screen click on owner guides then select your year and model then select which guide you wish to view on line most of the owner's manuals currently back to 1996 are available

2007-10-29 14:57:29
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what year truck? Is it an anti-theft radio, it may think it is out of truck and stolen call the dealership you got it from or see if anybody put the code in the back of owners manual

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It is different for every radio. If you dont have the code with your owners manual, you will need to call the dealership. Usually, they will need the serial number off of the back of the radio, as well as a way to prove that the radio is not stolen.

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With motor vehicle theft topping the charts as the #1 property crime in the U.S., LoJack fills a clear market need for an effective stolen vehicle recovery solution. The LoJackå¨ Stolen Vehicle Recovery System provides car owners with peace of mind knowing that if their vehicle is stolen, they have the best chance of getting it back.

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All radio's have a lock code now to prevent them from being stolen. It you didn't buy the truck then find the org buyer and get the lock code from him or find the owners manual and look for the radio lock code in it.try this link, worked for me

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