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The power window on your 2001 ford focus 2 door hatchback is broken there was crack and now it wont move i was told 145 for new part with out cost of labor does that sound right?

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2011-09-13 15:17:38

There is a bit of work involved in replacing a window. Just

about the whole door needs to be taken apart to get the window out

and back in. Some vehicle even require the all the rivets on the

regulator to be drilled out so that it can be dropped down far

enough to get it out. The window channels and interior have to come

out also. It is a real pain to do sometimes. The window itself

isn't cheap. Usually at least a hundred and some change for it. So

it probably isn't that bad. It also depends on the part of the

country you are in. The labor rates are gonna be more usually in

larger cities. That is what I have seen anyway. Good luck.

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