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The president is directly elected by?


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The electorial college.


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No. They are both elected by the electoral college which is directly elected by the people.

The electoral college which is directly elected by voters elects the president.

In the US both houses of Congress are elected directly, as are all state offices. In fact, the US President and the Vice-President are the elected officials that are not directly elected.

The president is directly elected by voters in a single round.

At least two nations, Brazil and Mexico, directly elect their president. Many people think the president is directly elected in the United States, but that is not true. While the people vote on the president, he or she is ultimately elected by the electoral college.

In the US, he isn't elected directly by the people.

Australia's president is ordained directly by god.

all of them No U. S. President has ever been directly elected by the people.

A state's governor is directly elected by its registered voters. The U. S. president (and vice president) is elected by a group of electors appointed by the states.

My 'president' is also a prime minister, and not directly elected.

Elected President and directly or indirectly elected Parliament

Congressmen are elected by direct ballot in their district. The President is elected indirectly by electors which each state chooses.

Not directly. The vice president is elected along with the president in the electoral college.

The only branch directly elected by the people is the house of Representatives. Judges are appointed and the president is elected through electoral college

INdirectly by the voters; directly by the Electoral College.

Both. Mexico is a democratic republic with democratically elected representatives and a directly elected president.

A President can be elected to two terms. It does not matter if the terms are directly sequential (back to back) or not. And it's probably good for the president to wear a tie too!

both The U.S. President is directly elected by the electoral college and indirectly elected by the people of the states of the U.S. In November of every fourth year, the people of each state elect members to the electoral college, and in December of the same years the electoral college elects the U.S. President and Vice President.

is elected directly by the people. nope ! elected by representatives pledged to a candidate for President of U.S. in the Electoral College

France has both prime minister and president. France has a directly elected president who appoints the prime minister.

Yes, Angola is a republic where the president (as of 2012) is the leader of the party with the most representatives. Previously, Angolans directly elected their president.

The 5th President of Singapore was Ong Teng Cheong. He was the first president to be directly elected and served from 1993 to 1999.

Guatemala has a directly elected president who is head of both state and government.

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