The prime meridian helps to divide the earth into which two hemispheres?

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The prime meridian divides earth into the East and West hemispheres.
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Which imaginary lines divide the earth into two hemispheres?

The longitude called the Prime Meridian divides the globe into eastern and western hemispheres. Could not the Equator enter into the equation? I thinking the equator has something to do withit. imani0906: we divide the earth into hemispheres in north,south,east and west

Prime meridian is in what hemisphere?

Half of the Prime Meridian is in the northern hemisphere, and halfof it is in the southern one. Also, it is half of the boundary line between the eastern andwestern hemispheres, so it's in either both or neither of those.

The prime meridian divides earth into?

The prime meridian is a line of longitude. It divides the Earthinto two hemispheres, known as the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.

Why does equator two hemispheres when the prime meridian does not?

Actually, the equator divides the Earth in North and South hemisphers. And is not a subjective "cut" of the Earth.. South from the Equator, the polarity of the Earth is reversed from the northern hemisphere. (Water goes down in a sink from right to left in the north and from left to right in the so ( Full Answer )

Two countries that are west of the prime meridian are?

Since the Earth is spherical (shaped like a ball), you can reach any country you're headed for by going either east or west from the Prime Meridian. The only thing is that one direction or the other is always the shorter trip. All of North America and South America are closer to the Prime Mer ( Full Answer )

What hemisphere is to the right of the Prime Meridian?

That depends on what you mean by "to the right of." If you arefacing north, or if you are looking at a map that has north at thetop, then the eastern hemisphere is to the right of the PrimeMeridian.

Does the prime meridian go around the earth?

Only half-way, between the north and south poles on one side of the Earth. The other half of the 'circle' is the meridian of 180° longitude, down the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Each of them alone is a semi-circle, and they combine to form a single 'great circle' around the Earth. .

What divides the earth into east and west hemispheres?

The Prime Meridian, which is at longitude ZERO degrees, and the International Date Line. The International Date Line is supposed to be at longitude 180 degrees, but it varies quite a distance for political reasons.

Divides the earth into Easter and western hemispheres?

The Prime Meridian is a longitude line that passes through Greenwich, UK and is usually what people use when defining East and West. You could also use the International Date Line, though it doesn't exactly follow the 180th meridian.

Which hemisphere is the prime meridian located in?

The Prime Meridian is one of the of two boundaries between the Eastern and Western hemispheres (the other is the 180° meridian at the International Date Line). So the meridian itself could be considered in both or in neither . In latitude, the Prime Meridian extends from the North Pole to t ( Full Answer )

Why does the prime meridian and equator divide the earth?

The Prime Meridian (Longitude 0 degrees) and the Equator are MAN-MADE grid lines of demarcation that simply help people know where they are any any given moment. They were originally developed to aid in navigation at sea, since road signs kept sinking. So early cartographers and map makers simply di ( Full Answer )

Does the prime meridian divide the earth in half by east and west?

Yes it does . it goes straight down through the Atlantic ocean and by Africa. . Now please answer my question!!! Which continents are in the EASTERN AND SOUTHERN hemisphere??? PLEASE HELP!!! I HELPED WITH YOUR QUESTION!! THANK YOU!!!!

Prime meridian passes through which hemispheres?

The Prime Meridian passes completely through the northern andsouthern hemispheres, and it also foms part of the boundary line between theeastern and western ones so you'd have to say that it's in both of thosetoo.

Why do geographers divide earth into hemispheres?

Geographers divide the Earth into hemispheres so that they cannavigate. This also helps them to more accurately map the Earthusing longitudinal and latitudinal lines.

Which two continents are east of the Prime Meridian?

Since the earth is a sphere (a ball), you can reach any place you want to reach by going in either direction from where you are. (That was the whole idea behind Christopher Columbus' project to reach India by going west from Spain, and he was perfectly correct. He just didn't know that North a ( Full Answer )

Does the Prime Meridian completely circle the Earth?

No, it only runs from the north pole to the south pole. the circle it would have formed if it run all the way round the Earth becomes the 180 degree meridian (or international date line) on the other side of the planet. To understand this you need to move your 'imaginary' point of observation to b ( Full Answer )

Is the northern hemisphere Prime meridian up to 180 degrees?

The northern hemisphere is the half of the world above, or north, of the equator. The equator is a line of latitude. The prime meridian is a line of longitude from the north pole to the south pole, half of which is in the northern hemisphere.

Why do geographers divide the Earth into hemispheres?

Mainly to distinguish between the zero degree latitude line (equator) and the zero degree longitude line (prime meridian), because these lines are the starting points for the cardinal directions north and south latitudes or parallels and the east and west longitudes or meridians, which is used to de ( Full Answer )

What hemisphere has a longitude west of the prime meridian?

All west longitudes comprise the western Hemisphere. They include the entire North American and South American continents, roughly half of Antarctica, narrow slivers of Europe and Africa, and many of the islands of the Pacific.

What imaginary line divides the earth in to hemispheres?

The imaginary line that divides the earth into the northern and southern hemispheres is called Equator, the line that divides it into the eastern and western hemispheres is the prime meridian.

What divided the earth into northern and southern hemispheres?

The equator is the dividing line between north and south hemisphere. The equator, in turn, is defined by the Earth's spin as the location exactly half way between the two points on Earth whose spin radius = 0. (North and South poles).

Does the prime meridian help tell time?

By accepted convention, the Prime Meridian passes through Greenwich, London, Uk, and this is the start point for time measurements today.

What divides the earth into two hemisphere?

It depends. The equator divides the Earth into the northern and southern hemispheres, but the Prime Meridian divides it into the western and eastern hemispheres.

How can you divide the earth into hemispheres?

You can imagine an enormous knife, cutting the Earth into twopieces. Whenever the center of the Earth is on the cut, the piecesare equal, and they're both hemispheres. If you cut through the equator, then you have the northern andsouthern hemispheres. If you cut through the Prime Meridian, then yo ( Full Answer )