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The rear window on your 1992 Isuzu Trooper goes down but not up how can you repair this?


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2010-05-30 04:00:22
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Rear windows a know to have this fault, They are cable driven and what happens is the the cable frays and twists on the cable drive drum, you can repair them if you have a good workshop and the time, generally by now you will have tried to get the window back up and down so my guess is that it will be a real birds nest inside with bits of broken plastic. but is cheaper to get a new window drive unit from your dealer they are one of the cheaper after market parts and it will last.

I have a 93 Bighorn electric windows and found the fault was contacts in the drivers control panel.This can be carefully prized up out of the door unplugged the taken apart (I did it on the kitchen table where nothing can get lost) by carefully removing the screws clean all the little rocker contacts and the main contacts on the panel which carry the power to everywhere else.Re assemble and all works fine again.NOTE take care with the on off button it has a small spring which will come out if care is not taken although the windows will work fine without the lock button working


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