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The rotation of hurricanes is related to the?


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"The rotation of hurricanes is related to the?".... The rotation of the earth and the winds generated by friction as the earth rotates within our atmosphere; much the same as water "rotates" in opposite directions when above or below the equator, so do Hurricanes and Cyclones.

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Yes. Hurricanes are storms.

neither hurricanes nor tornadoes r related to girls or boys

They don't. Hurricanes are not related to fronts.

It swirls due to the earth's rotation.

The adjective related to the noun rotation is rotational.An adjective related to the verb rotate is rotating.

The Coriolis Effect, which is a consequence of earth's rotation.

Currently hurricanes are named by the World Meteorological Organization in Geneva. They have 6 lists kept in rotation that are used to name any hurricanes that happen during the year.

how are time zones related to earths rotation They arent related!111!!11

Yes. Hurricanes spin counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern (where they are called cyclones). However, because the hurricanes are so large, a person on the ground would not notice the rotation.

When there is rotation, it is usually around an axis.

No. Hurricanes form in the tropics, but they cannot occur at the equator. Hurricanes require something called the Coriolis effect, a product of Earth's rotation which gives them their spin and allows them to organize. This effect does not exist at the equator.

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Hurricanes should be an weather related and geologic in nature

No, hurricanes do form in the tropics, but cannot form very close to the equator because the Coriolis effect is too weak there to drive the rotation.

Hurricanes are storms, and thus weather related.

They are both natural disasters. Aside from that they are not related at all.

Yes, In the northern hemisphere they rotate counterclockwise and in the southern hemisphere they rotate clockwise. Such rotation is called cyclonic rotation.

One element needed in hurricane formation is the Coriolis effect, a consequence of earth's rotation. Near the equator this effect is too weak for hurricanes to form.

The Coriolis effect, which is due to the rotation of the Earth, and the heating of the Sun.

This is not true. Both hurricanes and typhoons spin counterclockwise as both are northern-hemisphere cyclones. In the northern hemisphere, Earth's rotation causes moving air masses to be deflected to the right. Since low pressure systems such as hurricanes and typhoons draw air inwards, this causes a counterclockwise rotation about the center.

The Northwest Pacific Ocean basin is the area that has the most frequent hurricanes. See the Related Link.

The term hurricane applies to a cyclonic storm in the northern hemisphere where they rotate counterclockwise. However, the same type of storm does occur in the southern hemisphere, though there they are called cyclones or severe tropical cyclones rather than hurricanes. Cyclones rotate clockwise. That depends on which side of the equator you are.Related Information:The rotation of hurricanes and typhoons is caused by the coriolis effect, which is driven by Earth's spin.

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