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same happend to my 91. u gota take off the shifter nob and take off the plastic stuff and then there should be some rubber things u need to replace shouldn't cost more then 10 bucks or so. or u can rig it and drill threw the 2 mettal peices and stick a blot in there

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 15:24:28
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Q: The shifter on a 1994 Capri dropped through the floor Do you have any suggestions on what is need to fix this problem?
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How do you change shifter cable on a 96 Ford Taurus?

i have it all loose, but can't get it through the fire wall, any suggestions?

Why won't my 1999 Oldsmobile Alero shift out of park?

If you can run the shifter down through the positions it may have broken loose at the transmission . If the shifter doesn't move at all it may be a problem in the steering column < unless it is a floor shifter >. If it is a floor shift model I'd start by checking the shifter release button to see if it is broken.

How do you remove the shifter rod itself on a 94 Jetta 5 speed to repair not going into reverse problem have a kit to repair the problem you think but cant get the old one apart?

Most shifters are held in with retaining clips that you access through the top, around the shifter shaft.

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How do you fix a loose gear shifter on 1995 f 150?

Follow this link: It walks through how to fix this problem. Good Luck.

Your 1991 Mazda Miata is stuck in reverse gear Shifter will move through 1st 2nd but reverse stays locked in Is this an internal linkage problem What do you do to resolve it?

Try this page: MiataPaul

Can i fill the gearbox through the shifter?

Nope. Get a chilton manual for your rig, it makes life simple.

What is wrong if water is coming through the gearbox?

Since plain water is not used anywhere on a vehicle, it must be getting in through the shifter boot.

1995 ford mustang manual transmission fluid go?

you can remove the shifter base from the tranny and pour in through there

What controls the over drive gear in a Lincoln ls?

1. shifter 2. tcm through valve body

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shift linkage is worn out Reply, Not necessarily. Remove the console ring around the shifter then the shifter boot. There are two cables that run from the shifter to the transmission which pass through a plastic bulkhead. On the rearward side of the bulkhead are clips which hold the cables in place. Chances are the clip on the right(passenger side) cable is missing.

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