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You need to go to a repair shop and have the check engine light diagnosed. That will tell where the problem is. Something is causing it to run rich and it would be cheaper to fix it at the cost of gas.

check fuel regulator

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What is the cause of black carbons on spark plugs?

Runnibg rich usually.

What could cause a car to shake and shut off when stepping on the gas?

I'm not in expert, but it could be ( in winter time) that the car engine is still cold. But if its warm temperature outside, it could have something to do with the gas filter. Its probably blocking from the gas to get to where its supposed to go. It also could be your spark plugs, or wires from the spark plugs. You could check the spark plugs yourself. If the end of the spark plug is dark, like almost black, you need new spark plugs. If you look at the wire from the spark and its worn out, then replace them.

Could old spark plugs cause a car not to start?

yes they could

Can too much oil cause stalling?

yes! Too much oil can cause the spark plugs to foul(ie;oil fouled)a black oily electroid prouducing a weak spark. Which in turn could cause stalling.

Can bad spark plugs cause your car to lose power and backfire in the intake manifold?

having bad spark plugs could effect how the spark sparks and when it sparks. new plugs is never a bad idea

Why are the spark plugs black on my 1993 Toyota tercel?

if the spark plugs are black because your car is running too rich. your plugs are fouled.

Can worn spark plugs cause engine knock?

Worn spark plugs would cause mis-firing or non firing cylinders, both are no good for the engine, replacing the plugs may stop the knock (Could also be a different problem) But you should replace spark plugs as soon as possible.

Could the spark plugs be the reason why your car wont start?

Absolutely. Worn plugs or carbon-fouled plugs can cause an engine to not start.

What is the cause of shaking due to acceleration?

Bad spark plugs, spark plugs wires, etc.

What could cause a 97 z28 to have no spark had coil and ignition control module tested and are good?

is there spark through the wires to the plugs?

What could be the causes of a 1965 Corvette 327 engine that will not spark?

There are a few things that can cause this problem. The spark plugs could be bad, the distributor cap could be off, the spark plug cables or boots could be damaged.Ê

Could bad spark plugs make a engine shake?

Bad engine cushions can make the engine shake. bad spark plugs cause malfunction as the car starts running.

If the engine jumped time could it cause the spark plugs not to fire on a 1966 Valiant?

You will still have spark, car will try to start or backfire. If no spark at all the plugs see if you have GOOD spark from coil. If coil is working then you will find the problem in between the coil and the plugs, probably a distributor component issue. The ballast resister is a possible cause also.

Will bad spark plugs cause an engine to burn oil?

No, but burning oil will give you bad spark plugs.

Will a bad alternator cause new spark plugs to smoke?

Spark plugs don't smoke. A bad alternator would cause a dead battery.

What could cause an engine to backfire after changing spark plugs?

wrong spark plug wire configuration. Check to see if two are backwards.

Could changing the spark plugs cause the check engine light to come on in a 95' Tercel?


How do you change spark plugs on a 1994 Toyota Camry?

To change spark plugs on a 1994 Toyota Camry, remove the black shafts. The spark plugs are down the four holes. Use a socket set with extension to reach the spark plugs. Replace old spark plugs with new ones.

Can spark plugs cause engine to run lean?

Yes. It happened to me when I used the wrong spark plugs on my celica. If you're using the correct spark plugs and its still running lean it could be an in take leak, faulty maf sensor, dirty fuel filter or injectors.

Your wrx 94 turns over but no sparkposs reasons?

Several things could cause a no spark situation on an engine. A bad coil, bad spark plug or coil wire, bad spark plugs, or a bad distributor could all cause this.

Could the wrong spark plugs cause vibration?

Absolutely, although most auto parts stores will sell you plugs that are gaped correctly. Sometimes they are not and therefore there is not enough spark for the air and gas mixture. This will cause vibration as the gas is not getting burned.

Can spark plugs cause over heating?


Oil on spark plug?

You need to have your vavlve cover gasket checked! That may be the cause of oil being on your spark plugs! You need to have your vavlve cover gasket checked! That may be the cause of oil being on your spark plugs! You need to have your vavlve cover gasket checked! That may be the cause of oil being on your spark plugs!

What could cause intermittent hesitation in a car?

Intermittent hesitation in a car could be caused by many things. The fuel filter, the EFI, and spark plugs might be the cause. A loose wire can also cause this. Newer cars have many plugs and connectors that could have come loose.

Spark plugs cause the ignition in Diesel engines?

No, spark plugs do not cause ignition in diesels. The fuel compression causes ignition

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