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a good shop should be able to repair it, but it may be the electrical system...check all the fuses, and also read up on the sensor and gauge in a SHOP manual available at the local library...make copies as their reference it may be the gauge sender in the transmission...or an RPM sensor on the motor...depending on which system nissans using for you model...good luck.......

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Did the 1990 Nissan 300zx have a fuel injection recall I need an answer please?

No it has a recall on the ignition power transitor, get yours fixed today...

What if your speedometer stops working?

You get it fixed at agarage

Irregular speedometer reading on 2004 impala is this easily fixed?

Due to the nature of the problem 'irregular speedometer' it has to be repaired by a licensed mechanic.

What if your speedometer is recording the miles but not showing the miles per hour?

Then it is time to get it fixed.

What is wrong if the speedo and tach are not working in a 1994 Nissan Kingcab 4x4 v6 and how can it be fixed?

If the speedometer and tachometer are not working in a 1994 Nissan Kingcab 4X4 V6, it could be that a fuse is burned out. It could also be that their mechanisms in the undercarriage are corroded or dirty if the vehicle was used for 4-wheeling off road.

How do you fix turbo to be fixed in Nissan primera?

Nissan Primeras never came out with turbos.

Opel corsa year 2000 speedometer just stopped working?

If it is not your speedo cable then it is probably a gear inside the speedometer. I fixed mine with superglue!

What causes the speedometer to be intermittent on a 1997 Ford Taurus and how is it fixed?

Have the speed sensor replaced.

What to do if car speedometer malfunctions?

Not knowing the year, make and model vehicle it limits how much we can help you. If the speedometer cluster is digital and both the speedometer and odometer is not working I would suspect the vehicle speed sensor is at fault. If only the speedometer is not working I would suspect the dash cluster is at fault.

What are common problems with 2003 Tahoe?

steering shaft "clunk" and broken speedometer. Both can be fixed by dealer and if under 70,000 miles should be fixed under warranty.

If I replaced the vehicle speed sensor on my 1996 maxima SE 3.0L V6 and my speedometer still doesn't work and when i hook up my OBD2 it still reads code P0500 vehicle speed sensor can anyone help?

Either the wire from the VSS to the speedometer is bad or your speedometer is bad. A common problem with this vintage of Maximas is for the speedometer head unit to go bad. The VSS sends the signal to the speedometer and the speedometer relays it to the computer - therefore, if the speedometer is bad, you would get a P0500 code. On my car, the speedometer displayed the correct speed but replacing it fixed the CEL. The speedometer costs around $200 (not including labor) and you will have to drop another $25 to get it set to the correct mileage. The replacement can be done by a competent home mechanic in 2 hours. Expect to spend several hundred dollars on labor at the dealer.

The speedometer stoped working on a 1993 300ZX how can it be fixed?

You should have a sensor close to your shifter about the size of small pack of cigarettes. It's directly linked to your spedometer... I know this because i plug a switch on it to turn it off and have to lift the car in order to see it... I'll try to remember the anme of the sensor and get back to you Buy a new one and replace it!

How do you fix the speedometer and odometer on a 1973 Super Beetle?

i own a 1973 super beetle and when i bought it i had the same problem. we fixed it by replacing the speedometer cable on it. the cable runs from the front, driver-side tire and goes in to the back of the gauge it gets a little tough unless you have tiny hands but that fixed it for me.

Why do brake lights stay on 1986 300zx when car is on or off?

Brake Bumper button is broke , or stuck ... it's the little button under the pedal to the connector to the electrical system ; it's needs to be replaced or it will drain your battery. What I did until I got it fixed was either 1)pull the fuse to the brakes , or 2) just disconnect the battery. I just did 2 in the past week ! I own a 1982 Datsun 280 zx , and a 1987 Nissan 300zx. .

Why is your odometer not working but your speedometer is?

The odometer is separate from the speedometer. The odometer counts how many miles you have driven total, while the speedometer shows how many miles you will travel in an hour if you maintain a given speed. You should immediately take you vehicle to a qualified service technician, and get the odometer fixed.

What is making your speedometer to go up and down while you are driving your 1996 Jeep Cherokee?

The fact that you drive a Jeep Cherokee has nothing to do with your speedometer problem. The fact that you have a broken speedometer cable or sensor has everything to do with your problem. It is just about worn out. Soon it will stop working. You need to replace it. It can not be fixed.

If I buy a car from a dealership and I test drive it and its all good but when I drive it home to speedometer doesnt work cab I take it back to get it fixed?

Each car dealership has their own return policies. If you test drive it and it works, but then when you get home the speedometer doesn't work, you will have to refer to your warranty and sales agreement to see if you can get it fixed.

How can a 95 Lexus Ls400 speedometer needle that does not move be fixed All other needles work?

I have the same problem with my Nissan 240SX 91. Speedometer moves a little and stuck there! But the odometer work! Is that something to do with speed sensor? Thanks, Hai * I can't tell you how to fix this but I can tell you where to look. I know there is a sticky post dealing with this issue on I would read that to get the scope of what kind of issue you are facing. Good luck! Denny

1990 Buick LeSabre speedometer not working. Replaced the speed sensor but it didn't help. It is electronic so no cable. Is it a relay What is the name of it if so What else could it be?

The contacts between the speedometer head and the wiring connector need to be cleaned. If that does not work get a used speedometer. It fixed mine.

How do you fix a 1992 Toyota pickup speedometer?


Can I put a 351W into 1990 Nissan 300ZX?

Ye i did, It worked well but the engine didnt have the right PPnP valve output and it didnt access the DoB Titilitation RSS v6 that i installed into my new Brembo XVS9 Brake pads. Really annoying but i went to Kwik Fit and they fixed it, apparently my XVS9 was out by 3inches from the DoB T. RSS v6.

Where is the blower motor resistor on your 1993 Nissan Micra?

Under the glove compartment - fixed by two screws

How much would it cost for a flat tire on a Nissan 370Z?

i am told flats cant be fixed on the 370z

How do you reset abs light on 01 Nissan Frontier?

you need to find out why it is coming on and have it fixed then the light should go out.

How do you diagnose and fix the speedometer that only works intermittently on a 1996 Nissan truck?

Hi There, On my 1995 Nissan Pick-up, The speedometer as well as the tachometer would intermittenly stop working. Sometimes one would work then the other would stop working, sometimes both stopped working at the same time. I never knew when it would happen. Then, at 90,000 miles, the Check Engine light came on and everything worked GREAT. It turns out that the wire that sets off the Check Engine light was shroting out causing the problems. It was fixed today for a cost of $160.65. It worked for me, I hope that it works for you. Good Luck!