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The Statue of Liberty was given to America by French people as a symbol for the American independence.

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Why is the statue of liberty called a symbol for America?

The reason this is called this because the statute of liberty is a symbol of the friendship between France and America.

Is the statue of librety in south America of North America?

The statute of liberty is located on Liberty Island at the entrance to New York Harbor.

Who is responsible for the management and preservation of the statue of liberty?

The Statute of Liberty-Ellis Island foundation is responsible for managing and preserving the Statute of Liberty. The Statute of Liberty was a gift to the US from France.

Who created the statute of liberty?

Building the statue of liberty took thousands of workers. It was built by the French, and sent over seas to America.

Which country gave the US the 'Statute of Liberty?

France as a gift in the year 1884!

Why is the statute of liberty in a harbor?

In 1886 when she was given to the US by France she was placed on Liberty Island to represent the "gateway" to the US. The NY harbor was the ending point for millions of people who were coming into the country from Europe and she represented (still does) the promise of freedom and a country where they can thrive.

Where is the statute of liberty from?

The statue of liberty comes from Germany. Originally, it was a sign of peace to the United States.

Statute of liberty?

The Statue of Liberty was given as a gift from France to the USA. It was dedicated in October of 1886 and sits on Liberty Island in Manhattan, NY.

Can you see a picture of the statute of liberty?

yes Go on google and go on images and look up "statue of liberty"

Why is the Statute of Liberty green?

becasue when copper is out it the weather it turns green..

What materials are in the Statute of Liberty?

iron frame covered with copper o.O

How tall is the statute of liberty?

around 111 feet, 6 inches to the top.

How much is the US postage stamp with the Statute of Liberty on it worth?

The non-denominated stamp showing the face of the Statute of Liberty is a Forever Stamp. Meaning it is valid for the first ounce of first class postage, which is currently 45 cents.

How many floors are in the Statue of Liberty?

The statute of liberty has 12 floors until you reach the bottom of her dress. From there, you can only travel up by steps.

Who does weather affect statute of liberty?

it shrinks when it gets cold and it expands when it gets waarm

Why did the french want to show friendship with us?

usa were their allies in the war. they gave us the statute of liberty in appreciation. the statute travelled all over America so the citizens could view the gift. when a country has allies, that country is stronger in influence and defense. president bush has weakened us by acts that alienated our allies losing support, namely the Iraq war. the next president will need to reach out and politically earm countries' respect so we have support thus strength.

Is there an autobiography of the statue of liberty?

There is not an autobiography for the Statue of Liberty, but there is a book that discusses its history. Liberty's Touch by Elizabeth Mitchell explores the Statute of Liberty's history.

How do you locate a statute number?

The statute number is located where the statute is printed. If the statute is referenced in another document, it will be cited with its number. If you are trying to look up a statute by topic, you will find it organized under its number.

What does the book on the Statute of Liberty say?

It is inscribed JULY IV MDCCLXXVI which is the date of the Declaration of Independence.

How high is the statute of liberty?

The statue is 151ft (46m) tall, but with the pedestal and foundation, it is 305ft (93m) tall.

Did immigrants see the statute of liberty?

Yes up until Ellis Isle closed down for processing.

What is the statute of limitation of an insurance to pay another car insurance?

Statute of limitations if the same for individuals, insurers, etc - each state has a different Statute of limitations

What is another word for written law?

Another name for a written law is a "statute."

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