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In addition to those answers already posted. I would suggest you have your mechanic check for loose or worn ball joints and tie rod ends, or the steering idler arm if your car has one. Loose or missing lug nuts or studs, badly warped brake rotors, and a disconnected sway bar link are also possible causes. I had this same thing happen to me. I finally had to buy new tires and the problem was solved immediately. I'm not sure if you have a GT or a GTS. If you have a GTS, you're probably on a soft compound high performance tire. It's recommended that you rotate these tires every 5,000 miles. If you don't they will go out of round. The problem is - if you don't religiuosly rotate them at 5K, the back tires develop a flat spot. Then when you do rotate them, you get the flat spotted tires on the front and your problem is pronounced. I learned this the hard way. My GTS started shaking at higher speeds and the only resolve was a new set of skins.

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Q: The steering wheel on your 2002 Celica rattles when you go 80 mph - you have had the wheels balanced - why is this happening?
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Do 1990 Celica's have power steering?

yes. i have the base model (GT) and i have power steering

Why is my Toyota Celica shaking at 35- 40 mph?

Tires need to be balanced

What type of oil does a 1989 Toyota celica convertible top motor use?

I have an 88 celica and my top motor takes power steering fluid

How do you put on a aftermarket steering wheel on a 90 Celica Gts?

go online you can buy any boss kits and fit any steering wheel you wish

What could cause Toyota celica rear wheels to feel unstable and wobbly?

They probably just need to be balanced

Where is the fuse box located on a 1991 Toyota Celica convertible?

My friend has a 1991 Toyota Celica Active Sports and the fuse box is located inside the car underneath the steering wheel behind a pannel

Why might the steering wheel adjustment not work in a 91 Toyota Celica after it has had a flat battery?

Check all fuses

Should I change the power steering fluid on a Toyota Celica with automatic transmission 45500 miles?

your choice if you wanted to but not needed,

How do you check if the power steering fluid is leaking on a 1992 Toyota celica?

Watch P.S. level Place newspaper under vehicle

Why does the steering wheel go up in a 1990 celica when the ignition turns off and the key removed?

because they were made to be track cars and the steering wheel often sits between your legs making it hard to get in, so the steering wheel sits up and clicks down into place when you drive.

How do you bypass the power steering on a 91 Toyota Celica?

I really can't emagine why you would want to do such a thing. The standard rack and pinion will have to be installed also.

How do you open the hood of a 03 Toyota Celica?

Pop the latch on the bottom left side below the steering wheel. Then there is a latch under the hood and lift.

What do you do when the gear shift on your 1992 Toyota Celica is stuck in park?

Turn the steering wheel hard in the same direction the wheels are pointing while the key in on then try to move the selector. This can happen if there is tension on the steering while as the vehicle was put into park.

What does 4 WS mean on a Toyota Celica?

4 w s mean four wheel steering meaning the back wheels also turn to steer

Can a 1990-1993 celica door can fit a 1992 celica gt?

The 1990 Celica door will be a direct bolt on to a 1992 Celica GT. Even the Coupe model doors were the same.

Can a celica GTS engine fit in a celica ST?

Yes it will

What is faster a Celica gt or a 240sx?

most likely the celica.

When was Toyota Celica created?

Toyota Celica was created in 1970.

How do you fix flip up headlights on a 1993 Toyota Celica?

i have the same problem with my 1992 celica the lights wont flip up? i have changed both of the light motors but still no joy?, also there is a blue box under where the steering wheel is i changed that aswell but still no joy? its really annoying me now???

Did Celica gts 6sp transmission will fit celica gt?


Will a 1991 Toyota Celica hood fit a 1993 celica?

yes it will.

Will a transmission from a 94 celica gt fit a 91 celica gt?

The transmission from a 94 Celica GT will fit in a 91 Celica GT with minor modifications. This includes adjusting the shift linkage and mounting points.

How much will bushes cost for your Celica?

Never heard of bushes in a Toyota Celica.

Toyota Celica 0-60 time?

the 2000 celica gts does it in 6.6

When was Toyota Celica GT created?

Toyota Celica GT was created in 1990.