The sun exerts almost 200 times more force on the oceans of the Earth than the moon does Why then is the moon more effective in raising tides?

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Actually, the Sun's force due to gravity on the Earth (and thus upon the oceans) is approximately 179.5 times that of the moon. It should also be noted that the Sun's tidal forces are still present, but are only about 45.5% as strong as the moon's tidal forces.
The moon has a greater influence on the tides because tidal effects arrise from the difference of gravitational forces at different places on the planet, and the force due to gravity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between two objects. The diameter of the Earth is approximately 12,700 Km. The Earth is approximately 149,000,000 Km from the Sun, so the difference of the force due to gravity from the sun at the near side of the Earth compared to the far side of the Earth is 0.0170%. The Moon, on the other hand, is approximately 384,000 Km from the Earth, so the difference of the force due to the gravity of the moon at the near side of the Earth compared to the far side of the Earth is 6.72%.
The moon's gravitational force difference is therefore about 395 times greater than the sun's gravitational force difference. Remember, the sun's overall gravitational force is still 179.5 times stronger than the moon's gravitational force. So to get the moon's tidal forces in proportion to the sun's tidal forces, we take 395/179.5, which is 2.2. Thus, the moon's tidal forces are 2.2 times greater than the sun's tidal forces, or as we stated at the outset, the sun's tidal forces are 45.5% that of the moon's tidal forces.
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Why does Earth exert a stronger gravitational force than the moon?

Before discussing the "Why", I'm going to claim that you can't even make a statement like that. Do you remember seeing the Apollo astronauts on the moon ? They were able to stand there quite comfortably, nice and stable; the Earth did not reach out and grab them and pull them back. In that ( Full Answer )

Why does the Earth exert a stronger gravitational force than the Moon?

Gravity is dependent on mass and distance. Since the Earth has more mass, the Earth has more gravitational attraction. This why things on Earth would feel heavier than they would on the Moon, because the earth has 82 times the mass of the Moon. *Even though the surface of the Earth is more than 3 ( Full Answer )

How many times more massive is the Earth than the moon?

The Earth has 81 times the mass of the Moon, but is only 49.3 times larger by volume. This demonstrates the relatively less dense nature of the Moon compared to Earth, because it does not have the same large, dense iron core.

How does the moon has an effect on the tides on earth?

Effect? That's not just an "effect" - the Moon is what causes the tides in the first place! Well, primarily - the Sun also affects the tides, but to a lesser degree. The basic mechanism is that the Moon attracts the part of the Earth that is closer to the Moon, stronger than the opposite side. The e ( Full Answer )

How does the sun and moon effect tides?

The tides are an effect on the moon as well as the sun's gravitational pull. For example, when the moon and sun are on different sides of the Earth (which happens about twice a month), the high and low tides' difference in height are greatest, because there are two gravitational pulls acting on each ( Full Answer )

Why does the sun shines more than the moon?

Because Chemical (Hydrogen fusion) reactions are going on inside Sun which makes it too hot causing fire and visibly glowing at a distance from earth, even though its far away. In contrast, moon is comparatively colder object (like earth) which doesnt have any light of its own. It just reflects Sun' ( Full Answer )

Are tides influenced more by the gravitational pull of the moon or sun?

The primary gravitational influence for tides is the moon. Thesun's influence is smaller. Earth's tides can be be imagined as alarge swell of water chasing after the moon with a correspondinglow tide on either side of the high tide and another high tidepeaking at 180 degrees or 12 hours difference. ( Full Answer )

Does the moon effect ocean tides?

yes it does. yes the moon does effect the ocean tides because the moon and the sun are both pulling on the gravity form earth wich is making the low tides and high tides . yes it does

How do the moon and sun affect the ocean tides on earth?

The very quick and dirty answer: Our moon plays a major role in the tides of the earth's oceans because the earth and moon are attracted to each other gravitationally. A little more detail: The earth-moon system has a center of gravity, called the Barycenter. This is a point located within the bo ( Full Answer )

How does the moon and the sun effect the tides?

Jeremiah(7th Century B.C.) by inspiration of God wrote:Thus saith the Lord,which giveth the sun for a light to the day,and the courses of the moon and the stars for a light to the night,which breaketh the sea, when the waves thereof roar; his Name is the Lord of hosts.

Why does earth exerts a greater force than the moon?

There are two reasons: The Earth is more massive than the Moon,and the Earth is closer to you than the Moon. If you were standingon the Moon, then the force of gravity due to the Moon would begreater because you are closer to the Moon.

Is the sun more important than the moon?

So makes asks you that question say the sun . It looks like the sun and the moon is more important because they are, but the sun is more important than the moon because it helps the plants to grow how because it gives sunlight. The moon only makes tides on the ocean

How does the moon and sun effect the tides?

The tide is a result of gravitational influences on the earth. The sun and moon both pull on the water, causing it to rise as it is facing them. the moon is closer, and is therefore the main source of gravity pulling on the water.

Does the sun weigh more than the moon?

It is more appropriate in this case to talk about "mass" than about "weight". Yes, the Sun has more mass.\n It is more appropriate in this case to talk about "mass" than about "weight". Yes, the Sun has more mass.\n It is more appropriate in this case to talk about "mass" than about "weight". Yes, ( Full Answer )

The moon orbits the earth and not the sun because it's closer to the earth making the gravitational force acting on it due to the earth more significant than that of the sun?

Please, have a seat and hold onto your hat: -- The Earth and moon mutually orbit their common center of mass... the spot where the pivot would have to be for the Earth and moon to balance on asee-saw. -- The Earth's mass is about 80 times the moon's mass. So theircommon center of mass is 80 times ( Full Answer )

Why does Earth have more gravity than moon?

Earth has more mass. Gravity is proportional to mass. Earth has more mass. Gravity is proportional to mass. Earth has more mass. Gravity is proportional to mass. Earth has more mass. Gravity is proportional to mass.

How does the sun moon earth effect ocean tides?

the sun has a much smaller effect than the moon. the moon pulls anything toward it wherever it is over earth, which is usually ocean due to the fact that earth is almost all water, so the moon pulls ocean water toward it, causing rougher seas

What has greater effect on earths tides moon or sun?

The moon controls our oceans tides. The sun only controls 44% of the tides while the moon controls the other 56%. It is all about gravitational pull. The moon is closer to the earth than the sun is.

Does the sun earth or the moon have more gravity?

The Earth, because if you have seen any movie/film with the moon in it and people walk/jump, they always fall down slower that at Earth, and the Sun, no one knows for sure because it is too hot to go on it and explore.

Why does the moon have more effect on the tides then the sun?

The Moon has a greater effect on earth's tides than the sun because the moon is much closer to the earth than the sun. The sun's mass is much larger than the moon's, but the moon is a lot closer and tidal forces are generated not by the effect of gravity at a point due to the sun/moon, but by the di ( Full Answer )

When earths gravity is more than a moon then how does moon gravity effect on the earth?

I am not entirely certain that I understand what you are asking. I will assume that you are asking this question: Given that the gravitational pull exerted by the earth is stronger than that exerted by the moon, what are the effects of the moon's gravitational pull on the earth ? Even though we th ( Full Answer )

Why do tides occur if earth has more gravity than moon?

While the moon's gravity is weaker than Earth's, especially atEarth's distance from it, it still attracts Earth and everything onit, though not nearly as much as Earth's own gravity does. Lunartides are not simply a result of the moon's, but rather because thestrength of an object's gravity decrease ( Full Answer )

Why is sun attracting moon more than earth?

Basically, the moon lacks self esteem init, so the sun, just wants to be a good 'hot' person and is tryna attract the moon more, The earth already gets bare attention from the other female planets init! This way the moon can feel good about its outer layer because its inside layer in like banging y ( Full Answer )

Does gravitational force on the moon have more on earth?

If what you are asking is whether the Earth or the Moon has more gravitational force on a given object the answer is the equation F = G*m1*m2/r^2. In short since the Earth has a larger mass than the moon it will exert a greater gravitational force on a given object. But sometimes it may not seem lik ( Full Answer )

How do the position of the moon and sun affect the ocean tides on earth?

Tides on the Earth are caused by the gravity of the Sun and of the Moon. The Sun is far larger than the Moon, but the Moon is a lot closer, so the Moon has a greater impact on tides than the Sun does. . When the Sun, Earth and Moon are fairly close to being lined up, the gravitational effects of ( Full Answer )

Are tides influenced more by the gravitional pull of the moon or sun?

The gravitation pull from the Moon is greater, as the Moon iscloser to the Earth than the Sun. Some tides for example spring tides occur when the Sun, Moon, andEarth form a line. Then the tidal force due to the sun reinforcesthat due to the Moon. The tide's range is then at its maximum.

Why does the Moon have a greater effect on the Earth's ocean tides than the Sun?

While the Moon is much smaller than the Sun, it is much closer tothe Earth than the Sun. Newton's law of gravitation is that any two bodies in the universeattract each other with a force that is directlyproportional to the product of their masses and inverselyproportional to the square of the di ( Full Answer )