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The temperature gauge on your Chevy 350 just stopped working entirely what are the possible causes?


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2006-01-22 01:03:24
2006-01-22 01:03:24

the three possible problems to this question are . your temperature sending unit is defective ,you could have problems in your wiring harness, or your temperature gauge is inoperative. I am a licensed mechanic and i have found your best place to start is to make sure you have input power to the sender and sensor and output to the gauge and or light in the system .If you have no output but you have input chances are your wirings fine and the sending unit or temperature sensors bad , you'll have to refer to the proper manual and check resistance.If you have output to the gauge and you have the proper voltage reference at the gauge ,chances are the gauge could be defective. The most common problem is a defective sensor though.


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