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It's worn and sticking, once it gets hot enough it breaks loose and opens then it sticks again until it gets so cool that it breaks loose again, closes and lets the engine warm up. Replace the thermostat before you overheat and cause severe engine problems.

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1995 3.4 Monte Carlo you change the therostat the temperature goes up and down on the gauge and it blows out cold air?

you have to bleed the system it sounds like it has air in it so you need to locate the bleed screw which is normally on the thermostat housing

What could be wrong if your 2002 alero's heater air is warm-- then goes cold--then the thermostat goes up and then the heat is warm again and the thermostat goes back down?

Souns like a head gasket to me.

Heat only blows warm when car is moving at idle air goes cold replaced thermostat still no change car is a 2000 Pontiac grand prix se 3.1 v6?

heater core could be plugged, also check for low coolant

Your ford f150 heater blows hot then the temp hand goes to hot then the heater blows cold then it goes back to normal for the rest of the day?

You are in the beginning throws of blend door failure. Check for more information on diagnosing and fixing the problem.

What nicknames does Cristie Blazer go by?

Cristie Blazer goes by Cris.

What nicknames does Jim Blazer go by?

Jim Blazer goes by Jimmy.

Your punto is starting to over heat when it happens the heater blows cold air then goes back to normal?

Possibly a faulty coolant pump.

When you turn heat on in car it goes between hot and cold air is it the thermostat?

it maybe your heater core is going out recommend replacing it and go from there

Does it matter which direction the bar on the top of the thermostat is facing?

No ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The spring side of the thermostat goes towards the engine, and if the thermostat is installed vertically the vent hole goes at the top. Helpfull

How do you change thermostat on 1997 blazer?

you follow the top radiator hose to where it goes to head or intake and remove it and remove the neck it was on the thermostat is under there and replace it with a new gasget and a little rtv to make sure it dont leak hope it works 4 you it is a simple job just take your time

Why would truck warm up blow hot air stop at light and blows cold air 2000 dodge 1500 5.9L temp goes up oil pressure goes down?

bob is the best

What transmission goes in 1999 Chevy Blazer?


The temperature light is blinking It goes from cold to medium to blinking in your 2000 Toyota Celica Is this a thermostat problem or something else?

Check coolant level in RADIATOR when cold When light is blinking turn on heat and see if you have any. If no heat good indication that thermostat is stuck in closed position and needs to be replaced

What direction is the thermostat installed on an 1989 Ford F-250 4x4?

The spring side goes TOWARDS the engine , and if the thermostat has a vent hole it goes to the top if it is a vertically mounted thermostat

What side of thermostat goes upon a 1994 1500 series Chevy 6cyl pickup?

The spring on the thermostat goes down towards the engine.

Your car temperature gauge goes to cold when am driving at 40mph or higher?

This is probably an indication that your thermostat is stuck open. Go to a radiator shop and ask them to test it.

Why do you have land and sea breezes?

because in the day time the hot air from the beech blows on the lnd and at nightthe cold air comes to the city and the warm air goes to the beech

Why does the temperature gauge on your car fluctuate?

The temperature gauge on a car fluctuates because the car's thermostat is opening and closing. The gauge goes up when the thermostat closes and the gauge goes down when the thermostat opens.

How do you know if your thermostat goes out?

heater not hot

What direction does the thermostat go in 93 ford explorer?

The spring goes towards the engine , and if the engine thermostat has a vent hole , the hole goes at the top

What is the orientation for a thermostat on a Jeep 2.5 L?

The spring side of the thermostat goes towards the engine.

Why is the heat cold in your Chevrolet Cavalier?

It either has to do with your antifreeze being extremely low or your thermostat went out. I have a 95 Beretta and every time (as in fairly often) my thermostat goes out in the winter, when I turn my heat on it actually blows snowflakes into my car. First check your antifreeze level, If this is not the problem, then locate your thermostat, it would typically be where the upper heater hose connects to the engine. A replacement at your local parts store shouldn't run more than 6 bucks, and with a set of wrenches, pliers, and the internet you should be able to change it yourself in about 15 minutes.

What type of freon goes in a 2000 Chevy Blazer?


When thermostat goes bad does it cause a clicking noise when you turn nob from cold to hot with out turning air on?

No. That sounds like the temp blend door actuator is on its way out.

How do you replace a thermostat in a 2002 Malibu?

On the 3.4 V-6 Chevy Malibu the thermostat is located at the rear of the engine. The exhaust cross over pipe that goes between the exhaust manifolds makes the thermostat housing hard to access. The easiest way to change this thermostat is to first remove the exhaust shield and exhaust cross over pipe, then the t-stat can easily be changed. After changing the thermostat, be sure to bleed the air from the system, look for bleeder screws and run heater until air blows warm.

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