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Why does a little red light on your 02 dodge ram truck come on and cuts the power on your truck?

Red means STOP. What does this little red light say or look like. Low oil pressure light is RED.

Why would my 1984 dodge ram pick up truck stall at the light when you stop?

Why would my 1984 Dodge pick up truck stall at the light when I stop

Why does my truck air conditioner blow cold air when the truck is running but not moving but blows outside air temp when the truck is moving?

It is probably a Dodge. Consider yourself fortunate that it even runs.

How do you change the Transmission Fluid Pressure sensor in a Dodge Ram 1500 truck?

how to remove and replace transmission fluid pressure switch on a 2002 dodge ram 1500

What is the sensor beside the distributor for on a 1996 5.2 dodge 1500 truck?

Oil pressure

What causes the wait to start light to flash on a 92 dodge diesel truck?

The wait to start light on a 92 Dodge Diesel truck can be caused by a lack of fuel to the engine. It can also be caused by a wiring problem.

How do you replace tail light on a 2002 dodge Dakota?

the tail light is screwed in from the inside of the bed of the truck

Can you turn off the light out warning tone in a 2003 dodge truck?

Replace the burnt out light bulb

Where can you find a free wiring diagram on a 1994 dodge truck for tail lights?

where can you find a website for free diagram of tail light wiring on a 1994 dodge 1500 truck?

Where is the fuel pressure regulator on 2001 Dodge truck?

It is part of the fuel pump module, in the tank.

Fuel pressure for 2001 dodge truck with 8.0 liter motor?

49 psi +-2psi

What is the fuel pressure 97 Dodge truck 5.9?

40 psi plus or minus 5

How to reset main req light 1989 dodge truck?

A scan tool is required.

How do you reset the maintenance engine light on a 1987 Dodge truck?

That requires a scan tool.

Why does truck skip on one side and blows black smoke?

Why does my truck skip and pop on one side and blows black smoke??

Who invented the dodge truck?

The first Dodge truck was built by the Dodge brothers in the 1920's.

What pressure should be coming from fuel pump on 1989 Dodge truck D150 with 318ci?

14 psi

What sort of sensors go bad in a Dodge truck?

The sensors that usually go bad in a Dodge truck are the throttle position sensor, the oxygen sensor, engine light sensor and crank sensor. These malfunctions can be fixed on any Dodge dealership.

What causes the gen light to come on in a 1997 dodge ram truck?

The alternator has a serious failure.

Can you disconnect the abs sensor on a 1998 dodge ram truck?

You could, but the ABS light will stay on.

When was the Dodge truck invented?

The very first dodge truck was built about 1920

Your 94 Chevy truck blows the brake fuse when you press on the brake peddle?

There is a short in the wiring or a corroded brake light receptacle.

Where is the switch for back up lights on Dodge truck?

I don't know what year Dodge truck you have but for a good number of years the back up light switch on a Dodge was threaded into the transmission, if it was an automatic. The same switch served as the neutral safety switch.

Where is the AC low pressure switch on a 1995 Dodge 1500 Ram pickup 318?

The 1995 Dodge 1500 RAM pickup truck air conditioning low pressure switch is located on the top of the accumulator.

How do you reset the maintenance required light on a 1993 dodge Dakota?

What do the REQD light mean on my dashboard of my 1993 Dodge Dakota 3.9L Truck