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the 2wd driveshaft will be too long...theres no transfer case. Cant i remove the transfercase and bolt the driveshaft right to the trans? New answer: The center shaft in the 4x4 transmission is a long shaft so you can

install the transfur case on to it.

The transmission in 2 wheel dr. trucks have a short shaft running through the

Transmission. So what you are wanting to doWILL NOT WORK.

Now you can take your trans. completely apart and remove the center shaft, and

go buy a short shaft for your trans. Then put it all back together. Remove the

transfur case housing on your trans. and install a regular tail shaft housing onto

your trans. Plus a 2 wheel drive drive shaft. And you now have a 2- wheel dr.

2008-12-15 01:17:26
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Q: The transfercase on my girlfriends 1994 Chevy 1500 pickup blew up can I use a driveshaft from a 2 wheel drive model and not replace the transfer case?
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Why is there tranny fluid leaking between transmission and transfercase on 1998 grand Cherokee?

Either the transmission tail seal or the transfer case input seal has failed. The transfer case has to be removed to replace the seals.

When you replace clutch in 1988 pathfinder do you need to separate transfercase if so where?

I don't know for this specific car, but as in most cases the engine or gearbox/transfer case has to come out. If you have access to a lift its easier to remove the gearbox and transfercase as a unit. The clutch lies just rear of the engine.

How do you remove front drive shaft on a 2000 ford f250 superduty?

Mark driveshaft yoke and splined area from transfer case - so that it will be installed in the same position to maintain factory balance Remove and discard small "U" bolts from yoke (Replace with new at installation) Pry driveshaft out of yoke and forward onto splines at transfer case Drop driveshaft and pull off splines

How do you replace the offside driveshaft on your vauxhall corsa?

take it to the garage

How do you replace a rear you joint in a 1999 Chevy Astro van?

Unbolt/remove driveshaft. Use U-joint press to remove old U-joint, install new and replace driveshaft.

How do you remove driveshaft to replace clutch?

The driveshaft is removed to replace the clutch by unbolting the u-joints and retaining caps on each end of the drive shaft. The shaft can then be collapsed slightly to allow for easier removal.

Can a 700r transmission replace a 350?

Yes, But you may have to modify the driveshaft and crossmember.

Can you replace 700R4 trans with TH350?

Yes you can, But the driveshaft won't be long enough.

How replace Front driveshaft Chevy Astro van?

If your speaking of the actual driveshaft from the transfer case to the front differential, there are four torx head bolts to remove on each end of the shaft, if you mean how do you fix the shaft when the truck vibrates insanely, you either purcahase a completely new shaft or take your old one to a driveshaft shop and they can make you a new one with replaceable u-joints. hope this helps

How much would it cost to replace a bad universal joint on a 2003 Jeep Liberty?

Well, if it is a front driveshaft, the issue is a CV joint and you'll have to remove the driveshaft and take it in to be rebuilt. Taht will run you $150 or more. If it is a rear driveshaft, it will be cheaper if you remove the driveshaft and take it to a driveline shop where they can press in a new u-joint.....I'd recommend you replace both. A guess? $60 to $80

How can you take out the play in your driveshaft on the rear end side of a 1997 ford ranger super cab 4.0 5 speed?

if the play is in driveshaft, replace u joints. if the play is actually in the diff, remove driveshaft and tighten pinion bearing.

How do you replace opel cv joints?

That depends which model it is. On older models CV-joints were moulded into the driveshaft. To be replaced they had to be removed using a press and then warmed to be able to replace them. On these models it is often better to replace the whole driveshaft. On newer models CV-joints are attached with clips and can be replaced more easily.

How do you change the U joints in a 98 jimmy?

Mark drive shaft and yoke to re-install in the same location to maintain factory balance Remove and discard small "U" bolts that hold driveshaft Pry driveshaft out of yoke Drop driveshaft Bring to auto parts/machine shop to have "U" joint pressed into driveshaft Replace "U" bolts Re-install driveshaft in same position as removed

How do you replace a universal joint on a 1991 Chevy pickup?

Mark drive shaft and yoke to be sure to install in the same position to maintain factory balance Remove and discard 2 small "u" bolts at rear end Pry driveshaft out of yoke Slide driveshaft off splines at transmission tail piece Bring driveshaft to an auto parts/machine shop to have new "U" joint pressed into driveshaft Replace "U" Bolts with new ones

Car makes a banging sound and shakes in rear of car?

Replace universal joint on rear of driveshaft

How do you remove the carrier bearing from a 2004 Chevy Express 3500?

you can't replace it you have to buy whole new driveshaft assy. about 650.00 from dealer. or go to junkyard,or driveshaft shop to see if they can cut off yoke replace bearing and re-weld which is what i did. 2004 is the only year for this.

How do you change u joints on a 1989 GMC sierra?

Mark driveshaft, yoke, and transmission tailpiece so driveshaft will be re-installed in same location to maintain factory balance Remove and discard small "U" bolts at differential yoke Pry driveshaft out of yoke and up on to transmission tailpiece Pull driveshaft off of transmission Easiest to bring driveshaft to auto parts/machine shop to have new "u" joint pressed into driveshaft Replace in reverse order using new "u" bolts

Do you need to pull the 5.8 engine out of your 1993 xlt bronco to replace the rear main seal?

no just the trans and transfercase and loosen the bolts on rear main bearing cap

How do you replace the rear trans seal where the driveshaft comes out on a 78 Chevy truck?

u have to pull the driveshaft knock out the seal and install a new one, but if it is leaking the bushing needs to be replaced and u would need a bushing driver to install it. u can purchace a seal and bushing kit but the bushing is harder to replace

How do you change u- joints on a 1995 Chevy 1500 pick up truck?

Mark driveshaft to insure the when re-installed factory balance will be maintained Remove and discard small "U" bolts at yoke Pry driveshaft out of yoke Slide driveshaft up onto splined area Slide drive shaft off yoke Bring to machine/auto parts store to have new "U: joints pressed into driveshaft Re-install driveshaft in reverse order Replace small "U" bolts

How do you replace a driveshaft on alfa 156?

unbolt hub nut 36mm socket...then take bottom nut and bolt out that secures hub in place this will let it swing up and down...then on far side of driveshaft dr is 8 Allen key nuts to undo then simply tap driveshaft with hammer to loosen and it will pull free with with a bit of forse

How do you replace a drive shaft on a Olds cutless supreme?

Jack the car up high enough to be able to crawl under it and on the back of the driveshaft you will see 2 u bolts that have 4 nuts on them that holds the driveshaft to the rearend, take the nuts off and pull the u bolts out and then you can take the back of the driveshaft down and then you just pull it out of the tranny and you have it out.

How do you replace rear differential for a 1996 Ford Ranger?

i have a 1996 ford ranger 2.3 4 cylinder automatic ,just had the trans rebuild and driveshaft but theres still a bit of play comming from the differential ea. time i either put it in gear i feel a boom from the rear (not the driveshaft nor trans) is it a big job to replace the rear diff? and $$$ ???? Ron

How do you replace a front wheel bearing-hub assembly on 1994 Olds Ciera?

the same way you would replace any hub assembly, take the wheel off, take off any bolts that connect the hub to the driveshaft and then replace it

How do you replace the transfer case shift control module on a 2006 Chevy Colorado?

drop the pan and replace it