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BITS Pilani Dubai (formely BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus) does not feature in the two available world rankings (Shanghai Jiao Tong University,China and Times Higher Education Suppliment,UK). The fact is it is not a university and awards degrees from BITS, Pilani; as such it might not even be considered for these rankings. In fact, the only Indian institutes that feature in these rankings are the IITs, IIMs and the IIScs.

But, still BITS, Pilani in Dubai is the most sought after engineering college by Gulf Countries Candidates(GCCs). If, at all it does come at the top in the near future, which is very likely, it'll be ranked in Middle East ( or UAE ) colleges\universities. It'll be ranked among the top few colleges in UAE just like BITS Rajasthan is ranked among the top few in India.

As far as the inter-BITS ranking is concerned, among the three campuses, it would rank second ( The new campus at Academic City provides world-class facilities ) if you compare:

  • the number of students ( 800 seats in Rajasthan and around 1200 seats in Dubai ) and faculty ( Faculty keeps on circulating, but Rajasthan faculty is the best ).
  • number of programs ( same as that of BITS, Pilani-India except that it doesn't provide B.E. Degree in Civil Engineering due to lack of infrastructure. )
  • number of labs ( Hopefully, labs may improve in the new campus of BITS,Pilani-Dubai. )
  • campus size ( Not as big as BITS Rajasthan. )
  • placement ( Both Dubai and Rajasthan campus guarantee 100% placement and good pay perks. )
There has been no publication thus far that has compared the three operational campuses, i.e, Pilani, Goa and Dubai. Goa campus is new, so nothing much can be ascertained though it has an amazing infrastructure for its students.
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Q: The world ranking of bits pilani Dubai campus and also its ranking compared to the other bits campuses?
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Does bits pilani ranking includes other campuses also?

Yes. Since 2008, all the rankings of BITS Pilani have included the Goa Campus.

Is bits pilani goa campus is a university recognised by ugcif yes is the degree imparted as mschonseconomics is equivalent to main economics?

BITS Pilani Goa Campus is not a university, but a campus of the main university BITS Pilani. UGC approves BITS Pilani to have it's own campuses with the same course structure, curriculum as the parent campus. The degrees at BITS Pilani Goa are awarded by the university of BITS Pilani.Since BITS Pilani is a deemed university, hence it has the power to design its own degrees and curriculum. The MSc Economics degree at any of it's campuses is an amalgamation of Economics, Engineering and Science. Hence, it is a notch above the traditional Economics degree awarded at other universities. However, it is a 4 year integrated degree, and is considered an "undergraduate" degree and not as a "graduate" degree.

Ranking of bits pilani pilani campus among engeneering colleges of world?

In the only International Ranking BITS Pilani participated in, it was ranked 19th for Engineering in Asia, 30th in Full-Time MBA in Asia, and 4th in Distance-Learning MBA in Asia by Asiaweek (A subsidiary of TIME Magazine in Asia).

Where to get bits pilani admission in Bangalore?

BITS Pilani runs an extension center in Bangalore for "off-campus" students. These students are employees of various companies like Intel, Yahoo, etc and are eligible to be BITS students under the MoUs signed by their respective companies and BITS. There is NO admission procedure for the extension center.BITSAT is the way to get admission to any of the "on-campus" programs at the BITS Pilani, Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad Campuses.

IS the off campus BS from bits pilani is approved or not?

Yes, BITS Pilani is a deemed to be university by the UGC and it's all programs (on campus and off campus) are approved by the UGC.

Is the BE degree for bits pilani Dubai campus given by BITS pilani India?


Campus of bits pilani?

too good !!

Is bits pilani Dubai as good as bits pilani goa and hyderabad?

Dubai Campus of BITS Pilani has improved remarkably over the past decade. All 4 campuses ultimately give you the same degree. Earlier, Dubai campus admission was dependent only on 12th Standard marks but now the campus has introduced BITSAT. Since the campus caters primarily to the Indians in the Gulf, it has relaxed norms for admission (Students can apply via BITSAT or 12th Standard Marks). Hopefully, in the future, BITSAT will become 100% compulsory for the Dubai Campus. Obviously, I'd go for the flagship campus, but if I had to choose from the other three, (my personal opinion) I'd go for Goa or Dubai.

What is world ranking of bits pilani?

in India its on 9th number. can not be calcuated on the basis of world ranking.

Where is bits Hyderabad in AP?

For admissions at BITS-Pilani Hyderabad campus click hereBITS-Pilani Hyderabad campus Updates1-05-2007: Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of BITS, Pilani - Hyderabad Campus [PDF]Dr.Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh laid the foundation for BITS Pilani-Hyderabad Campus at Jawahar Nagar, Hyderabad on Saturday, the 28th April 2007 in the presence of Dr.K.K.Birla, Chancellor, BITS, Pilani.The function was attended by several Ministers of Andhra Pradesh Government; Speaker of Andhra Pradesh Assembly, Advisor to BITS, Pilani, Vice Chancellor BITS, Pilani; Directors of Hyderabad, Goa and Dubai Campuses of BITS, Pilani; practice school faculty, students and alumni of BITS, Pilani.Photo GalleryThe Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh in his address on the occasion thanked Dr.Birla for establishing a campus of BITS Pilani at Hyderabad and remarked " It is a dream come true for us." He also announced waiver of about 3 crore that BITS was to pay to HUDA ( Hyderabad Urban Development Authority) toward statutory charges….Dr.Birla in his address mentioned about the invitation extended by Dr.Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy way back in October 2005 to set up a BITS campus in Hyderabad and appreciated the cooperation being extended by him and his Government in this challenging project. The Chancellor announced that after completing its Hyderabad campus, BITS would establish an Institute of Management in the lines of IIMs….

Is ther any comparison between bits pilani Dubai and lovely professional university?

Not at all. Stupid question comparing BITS Pilani, XYZ Campus with an unknown university.

Does a Off campus degree from bits pilani is Eligibile for Indian Engineering services?

Yes. All the offcampus programs of BITS Pilani are UGC approved, and hence, are eligible for all further exams in India and abroad.

What is Pilani's population?

The population of Pilani is 26,219.

BITS Pilani Goa ranking?

BITS has opted out of the rankings since 2005 because of a pending court case

Is bits pilani beter than bits goa?

Yes its definitely better... As BITS Goa is merely a franchise.. it is not a franchise and by the way the name is BITS-PILANI GOA is just another campus which falls under the BITS- PILANI was established in 2004 and boasts of state of the art infrastructure and a few years time it wud rank among the very best

Who is better bits pilani mechanical branch or new iit rajasthan mechanical branch for future prospects?

Definitely BITS Pilani. BITS Pilani is ranked above the existing IITs every year, and comparing it with a new campus-less IIT would be blasphemy.For more information, look here:

How is computer science engg in bits pilani Dubai?

m a student at BITS Pilani Dubai ..B.E. Hons Comuter Science...the college is pretty good and the faculty are all Ph.d holders. The only drawback is the campus isn't very lively and as expected by most students.

What are the number of seats offered in integrated first degree programme offered by BITS Pilani in the pilani campus?

here are the pro grammes offered at Pilani CampusProgrammes Offered at BITS, Pilani - Pilani Campus:B.E.(Hons.): ChemicalB.E.(Hons.): CivilB.E.(Hons.): Computer ScienceB.E.(Hons.): Electrical and ElectronicsB.E.(Hons.): Electronics & InstrumentationB.E.(Hons.): MechanicalB.E.(Hons.): ManufacturingB.Pharm.(Hons.)M.Sc.(Hons.): Biological SciencesM.Sc.(Hons.): ChemistryM.Sc.(Hons.): EconomicsM.Sc.(Hons.): MathematicsM.Sc.(Hons.): PhysicsM.Sc.(Tech.): General StudiesM.Sc.(Tech.): FinanceM.Sc.(Tech.): Information Systemsdetailed information you can get from their sites

What is bits pilani?

Birla Institute of Technology & Science, (बिरला प्रौद्योगिकी एवं विज्ञान संस्थान पिलानी) (known as BITS Pilani) is an Institution declared as Deemed to be University under Sec. 3 of the UGC Act and features in the world map as a renowned science and technology institute. It is located in Pilani, Rajasthan, India In addition to Pilani, BITS has campuses in Dubai, UAE, Goa, India and Hyderabad, India and an extension center in Bangalore, India. BITS Pilani is well known for its flexible academic structure and the institute's policy of admission purely on the basis of merit and not through any kind of reservations. The institute is privately supported and fully residential. BITS Pilani is the first Indian institution to set up a campus outside India.The BITS degrees are considered equivalent to the IIT degrees, and it is the only university in last 10 years, to be consistently (every year) ranked above several IITs. Please see the rankings here:

Does tech mahindra offers ms at bits pilani?

Yes, they do offer MS from bits pilani

Is there any management quota seat for engineering in BITS PILANI?

No there is no management quota in BITS Pilani.

What is the name of the biggest auditorium of Goa?

Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani - K K Birla Goa Campus- has biggest auditorum in Goa. It has seating capacity of 2400 persons.

Who is director of BITS Pilani Dubai?

The director of BITS Pilani Dubai is Dr. M. RAMACHANDRAN.

How do you get into bits pilani?

Pilani,Goa and Hyderabad Campuses Since 2005, admits to BITS campuses have been offered to students based on their performance in an all-India Entrance Examination called BITS Admission Test (BITSAT). BITSAT, an admission test exclusive to the BITS Pilani university, is a test conducted online and held between May 1 and June 10 in many cities all over India. The exam tests the candidate's knowledge, reasoning and analytical abilities in English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Logical reasoning, and is based broadly on the higher secondary curriculum in India and abroad. To be eligible for admissions, prospective students are also required to obtain a minimum aggregate of 80% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (subject to a minimum of 60% in each of these three subjects) in their higher secondary examination. Toppers of higher secondary examinations of each single board are exempted from taking BITSAT test and are considered for direct admission. This exemption helps ensure that BITS-Pilani retain a significant number (about 20-25) of first rank holders from various boards across the country. The toppers are free to choose any discipline offered in all campuses. Acceptance rate in BITS is very low, (Selectivity < 2.08% in 2007) making it one of the most selective in India to get admission into. The admission is purely on the basis of merit and not through any kind of reservation. This ensures that the student quality of BITS is highly maintained. For more information, see BITS Admission. Dubai Campus The admission to Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani - Dubai is based entirely on the marks secured at the 12th standard qualifying exam and no other entrance test. Though BITS Pilani-Dubai campus has been set up to serve the educational requirements of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, admissions to the college are open to all nationalities.

What is the fee structure of bits pilani manufacturing engg?

what is the fee structure of bits pilani trade "AB" as manufacturing engineering semister wise.