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if you were trying to say did the year world war one increase the production of cotton and copper the answer is yes

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What is the world rank of cotton production?


India tops the world in production of?


What did the World War 2 increased the demand for?


What is the rank of India in cotton production in the world?


Chile leads the world in the production of what?

Probably copper.

Who invented the cotton ginear Savannah in 1793?

Eli Whitney was the inventor of the cotton gin. This invention rescued a dying plantation crop as it made a machine sort out cotton seeds that normally was a task done by hand. With the incentive to try to save their cotton plantations, and the world wide demand for cotton growing, plantation owners increased production and added to their wealth.

What was the invention that helped to make the US the world leader in cotton production?

Eli Whitney's cotton gin which removes seeds from cotton made US cotton cheaper and improved its position on the world market.

Where does Zambia rank in cotton production?

Zambia is ranked 28th in the world

What did the soviets increase production of after World War 2?

The Soviets increased production of Jet airplanes, armament and developed the atomic bombs. They also increased production of spying implements and methods.

What is zambias world rank in producing copper?

Zambia is currently 8th or possibly 9th in copper production.

What country led the world in cotton production in 1700's?

I believe it was India. They had cotton that was dyed and stuff.

How did Eli Whitney's invention change the world?

It made the production of cotton cheaper and more efficient and as a result, cotton became the fabric of choice around the world.

What rank is Zambia in the world for copper production?

As of 2013, Zambia is ranked 8th in the world for copper production. Zambia produces about 830,000 tons per year. Chile ranks first on this list with 5,700,000 tons per year.

What invention helped to make the US the world leader in cotton production?

The Cotton Ginn. P.S. I don't know if I spelled "Ginn" correctly.

How tall is a cotton plant?

The cotton most grown in the southern parts of the US is Gossypium hirsutum L, otherwise known as upland cotton. It accounts for about 90% of world cotton production and about 95% of US production. It typically grows three to four feet tall (about one meter) at maturity.

Does cotton grow in Mexico?

Yes. Total production of cotton in Mexico for 2014 is estimated at 1.2 million bales (11th largest producer in the world).

What rank is Chile the producer of copper?

Chile is the world leading copper producer, with a production of more than 5,000,000 tons per year.

What is the worlds leading copper producer?

Chile is by far the world leading copper producer. In 2009, Chile produced 5,320,000 tons of copper. The second larger copper producer is United States, with a production of 1,310,000 tons of copper in 2009.

Does chile lead the world production of anything?

well, not ANYTHING but copper,gold,emeralds,tin.silver etc

What was an effect of increased of food production during the industrial revolution?

The world could feed a bigger population.

How did the Muslim conquest of India affect Indian economics-?

The Muslim conquest of India affect Indian economics by; India becoming the richest nation in the world. Indian people shared equally in economic gains. They decreased international trade. They increased cotton production.

Who is the leading producer of copper in Europe?

Russia is the leading producer of copper in Europe, and 7th in the world. However, this also includes Russia's land in Asia, so the country wholly in Europe with the largest copper production is Poland, who is the 10th largest producer in the world.

Is Zambia in the top ten largest copper producers in the world?

Zambia is currently 8th in world copper production, turning out just 10% of what Chile does. - A long drop from the thirdposition they held before independence.

How was the federal government able to finance the increased production of goods and supplies during World War I?

Increases taxes

Is cotton a natural resource in Mexico?

Indeed. Mexico ranks as the 19th largest cotton producer in the world, with a production of 422,000 bales of 480 pounds (217.7 Kg) each during 2008.

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