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This guy u used 2 date is trying 2 get back 2gether with u but he's going through a divorce and the stress of the event is causing him to push u away what should u do without stepping on his toes?


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It is unfortunate he is going through this difficult time and that is just it - a divorce is very difficult. All you can do at this point is be there for support and not to judge or pressure him as well as to be patient because at this point in his life he does not need you to be selfish. If you feel this is worth waiting for then you will find the patience however, you have to remember he is getting out of a relationship and does not necessarily need to jump right into another one - he needs to work his feelings out from the past and now to be able to move on to the future. Give him space to work these things out and just be available for support. leave this person alone and go find someone who is not attached to someone or something. you will be happier and hopefully, you will find that special someone who is no attached.