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I dont quite know what you are asking but it is unusual for a cat to just have one kitten, however its not uncommon

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Q: This is the first time your cat had her kitten and she only had one?
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Related questions

What comes first the cat or the kitten?

the kitten is a baby cat. So the kitten comes 1st.

Is it normal if this is the first batch of kittens and only one kitten comes out?

Yes. We often assume that when a cat has a litter of kittens there are several but, on occasion the cat will have only one kitten (particularly if the cat is small herself).

If it is a young cat and its first litter is it ok if it had only one kitten?

yes they aren't expected to have a big first litter, my cat only had three its first litter.

How many kittens?

if you cat is having kittens for the first time, it will have 1-3 kittens normally. some have 4. very common to have 3 though. good luck with your cat! I have 2 cats, first cat has given 1 kitten in first time while the second one has given 6 kitten in first time.

Is it normal for your cat to only have one kitten?

Yes, if it is the first time. Cats usually have more and more kittens every year. At first they can have 1-3 kittens.

Can a cat only give birth one kitten?

Yes, a cat can indeed give birth to only one kitten.

What age should a kitten start eating cat grass?

A kitten can have cat grass at any time; it is perfectly safe for all ages of cat and kitten. There is no set age a kitten should have cat grass, however.

Is it true that a she cat can only have 4 kits at a time?

No, my kitten was in a litter of around 6 or 7

Why did my cat eat its only kitten?

It might have been because the cat was stressed or the kitten was threatening the mother cats health.

When will your kitten have a litter?

Your kitten will have a litter when it is a cat, not a kitten. Cats will have kitties when they are in heat (sexually active) around the 6th month to the 9th month of their life. That time if they mate they will have kitties. :) Your cat will only have kitties if you haven't spayed it yet.

How can you stop your older cat from eating your new kitten's food?

The only way to stop an older cat from eating a kitten's food is to feed the kitten away from the older cat, and to make sure the older cat cannot get into the same room.

What do you do if a kitten is stuck in a cat?

You should get your cat to the vet immediately. Messing around and not knowing what you are doing could easily cause the death of not only the kitten, but the mother cat.

Is it ok that your cat had two kittens or should you be expecting more?

It is perfectly normal for a cat to have only two kittens. Sometimes a cat will have only one kitten. Usually a cat will have fewer kittens in her first litter, and when she is older she will have a larger litter.

How do I stop my cat from being mean to the kitten?

If the kitten is not the cats then your cat is probably putting this annoying, playful little kitten in it's place. If your cat is just jutting out her paw without claws extended then she is telling the kitten who is boss. However, if the cat is biting or being nasty to the kitten then you are going to have to separate them for awhile and if this doesn't work you will have to consider giving the kitten away to someone you know. Generally in time your cat will tolerate the kitten as it starts to grow up.

How least kittens can a cat have?

I have a cat that gave birth to only one kitten.

Why does your older cat have a low meow now that you have added a kitten to the household?

It's probably because the cat is a little scared of the kitten. If your cat gave birth to the kitten, then it's having a hard time getting its meow right. Because when a kitten comes out of its mama, the mama's tummy hurts a little when it came out. So give your cat some time to think and get its meow right. Or just let the cat get to know the kitten. Good luck with that. :)

How old does a kitten have to be to poop for the first time?

Kittens will excrete waste on their first day of being born. However, the mother cat will stimulate the kitten with her tongue and eat the kitten's feces, so you won't find little piles of kitten poo laying around, until the kittens are older.

How can you get your cat to calm down at night?

Stick your cat/kitten in a room with no toys. Ignore the cat and pretend you're sleeping. Most of the time your cat/kitten will calm down because it has nothing to do.

Can a cat have kittens from two mates at the same time?

Yes for example a white cat mate with a Siamese and a tortiseshell .In the litter there might be a white kitten, Siamese kitten, and tortiseshell kitten.

Has anybody had a cat who gave birth to only one kitten?

A cat can give birth to as few as one kitten to as many as 14, though the average litter size is around 4-5. Many different factors can go into why your cat only gave birth to one kitten.

Could a cat have only one kitten?


How do I get my cat to accept the new kitten?

Let your cat come to your kitten Put your kitten to your cat or just innovating Or your cat was jealous Hope it helps :)

What if a cat gives birth to only one kitten?

that's not unordinary...they do that all the time...its hard to tell when they are pregnant. it just means that (usually) the mother cat is a little more protective of the kitten if i was helpfull to you could you please recommend me!! that would be great

How do you change a kitten into a cat on runescape?

Time. Just wait, it'll turn into a cat.

Is milk good for your kitten?

Milk is good for your kitten but only its mothers milk. if a kitten is given regular milk its likely your cat will get diarrhea. If you already started to give your cat milk and there has been no sign of any diarrhea than your kitten is save.