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Field test the item or examine a sample

Interview current users

Conduct an on-site inspection of the system or service as deployed

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Q: Three approaches that are most effective for verifying a potential supplier's claims about their product service or technology are?
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How does the purchasing officer identify potential suppliers?

please answer the question

The following isare commercially-managed sources for locating potential suppliers?

Central Contractor Registration

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A written contract is the usual method

Methods of surveying potential suppliers will likely result in the most accurate picture of a potential supplier and capabilities?

contact by telephone, email, or meeting at a trade conference

What is vendor rating?

The definition of vendor rating is the process using quantitative assessment to approve and evaluate potential suppliers. The process is of the compliance with the legislation by suppliers that uses fair evaluation criteria.

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-Technology -Suppliers -Customers -Competitiors -Government -Economy By: Ruby Cris C.Villapaz

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Sources that purchasing officer can use to identify potential suppliers?

internet,television,magazines and newspapers

What does RATNEST mean in economics?

Resource prices, Alternative prices, Technology improvements, Number of sellers/firms, Expectations of suppliers/producers, Subsidies, Taxes

Select TWO sources from the choices below that the most valuable for finding potential suppliers to meet basic commercial item requirements?

The Thomas Registry The Yellow Pages