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Times can congressmen be re-elected?


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unfortunately, forever, or at least as long as they are alive. I assume you mean the U.S. Congress, not state houses.


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Congressmen can be reelected an infinite amount of times. There is no limit to how many terms they can serve.

There is no limit of the times a congressman can be reelected.

the president can only be reelected once

how many times may a senator be reelected from pennsylvania?

How many times was William Bradford reelected governor?

Yeah, if they serve for life, which they don't, so no. They keep getting a salary as long as they keep getting reelected.

A congress person can be reelected an indefinite number of times. Unless the state has restrictions on the number of times congress persons can be reelected, than they can be reelected indefinitely.

Too long, theres some that have been there all there life, Congressmen are elected for two-year terms. They are reelected as many times as they care to be--it is very rare to see a congressman voted out of office.

Each of the 435 members of the House of Representatives serves a two-year term. The 100 Senators six-year terms. However, the majority of incumbent congressmen are often reelected to multiple terms. Since members of the House serve two-year terms, it can be said that Congress is reelected every 2 years.

He got reelected twice. ~ He actually got reelected three times, but shortly died after.

There are no term limits for senators.

Unlike the president, there is no limit as to how many times a congressman can be reelected. The longest serving congressman to date is 87-year old John Dingle from Michigan. He has served since 1955.

There are no term limits for congressmen.

There is no limit on the number of times a Senator can legally be re-elected

Prime Ministers can normally be elected any number of times.

There is no limit to the number of times a representative can be elected to Congress.

6 years. They can be reelected as many times as they want.

I believe they can be reelected an unlimited number of times

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