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Tips when applying for a call center agent or customer service representative job?


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September 17, 2012 7:29PM

Working as a customer service representative requires the employee to effectively deal with customers who have very different personalities and temperaments. What experiences have you had that demonstrate your skills in dealing with different types of people?

Employees occasionally have to deal with angry and verbally abusive customers. Assume an angry customer begins yelling at you about some problem she's having with your company. However, you are not personally responsible for the problem this customer is having. How would you deal with this customer?

Assume the following: A customer calls and tells you that because of some unusual circumstances, he's going to need some extra time to make his payment. Assuming you have the power to make the decision, what other kinds of information would you want to have before making a decision about his request?

From time to time, you may receive requests from customers that are not in line with standard policies or procedures. In some cases, we're able to make exceptions to our policies and procedures, but in other cases, we're just not able to do what the customer requests. If a customer asked you to do something that clearly could not be done, what would you say and do?

Dealing with a high volume of customers is a requirement of the job. Tell me about a time when you had to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment. How were you able to perform successfully in this environment?

Taking calls while typing is a requirement of the job. Describe your talk and type skills, when have you used this skill in your work history? What is your typing speed?

How do you calm down an angry customer?

How many languages do you speak and/or write? Describe your fluency level.

Describe a time when you had to deal with an irate customer who was abusive? How did you handle it?

1- Be your self

2- Talk business

3- Add a value to the interview

1. Is customer always right? why?

2. What are the main attributes a call center agent should have? do you have them?

3. What is a call center?

4. What are the different departments in a call center?

5. Why should a call center hire you?

6. What is the customer service for you?

What are the main skills a call center agent should have?

How to handle an upset customer?

Is customer always right ? and why?

Why should we hire you?

Call Center knowledge requirements will vary depending on the company, product and scope of the position. However typical knowledge requirements for a call center position include:

*Typing/keyboard (usually over 30 wpm)

*basic computer and technological knowledge

*knowledge of relevant software applications

*numeric, oral and written language applications

*administrative procedures and information processing

*customer relationship principles and practices

Questions around the knowledge requirements can be answered by reviewing your CV or resume as they refer directly to your qualifications, training and work experience. Prepare for call center interview questions that explore your relevant training and work task experiences relating to the specific knowledge requirements listed.

Examples include:

What are your computer skills and what software applications have your used?"

"What size was the customer database you dealt with?"

"How many calls did you take/make in an average day?"

"What was the average length of each call?"


You definitely want to emphasize good customer service skills and problem solving. Think of an example or two for each. Staying calm under stress. Also, if you're experienced in this type of work, call volume -- the number of calls per hour.

Call center interview Questions and answers

1- Attitude

2- Team work

3- Patience

4- Computer skills

5- Communications

These are the main attributes you need to focus in.

call center is a firm that takes upon itself the responsibility of handling telephone calls of a big company that has a huge customer database but doesn't want to invest in the staff required to handle customer calls. For example, when you call up for airline reservations, directory assistance or PC breakdown help, the calls will most likely be handled by a call center.

Here are the top 5 call center interview questions and how you must prepare for them:

1. Question: Tell us about your previous call center work experience and describe the manner in which you serviced the customers?

This question may be thrown at you in the middle of the interview and you must be prepared for it. Before heading for any call center job interview, you must always review your past work experience and note down the highlights.

Also, call centers look for team players, so focus on the successes you achieved with a team and talk about the achievements as being part of a team effort, not as your personal achievements. As far as the customer service part goes, you have to lay it down straight - tell your prospective employers about how you handled customers without any fiction thrown in.

2. Question: Are you proficient in using different software? What are your computer skills?

All call centers use net telephony because it is cheaper than using land lines. Next, all call centers have a customer database and you must figure out what software is used for maintaining a customer database across different call centers.

Then there are the log files, which have to be created after every call is answered. Finally, there are the usual applications such as MS Word, Excel, etc. Figure out all these software before you go for the interview.

3. Question: This is not really a question, but the interviewer/s will be judging you by your communication skills, the way you deliver your lines and by your grammar.

So, when you are speaking in the interview, remember to speak in a clear and concise way and pick and choose your words. Use short sentences and deliver them in a slow, patient manner.

4. Question: What does a call center mean to you?

This question may seem harmless, but its connotations are huge. The interviewer is trying to gauge your seriousness and commitment to the job and this question is a standard call center interview question.

Remember, you have to reply to this question in all seriousness and earnestness - never ever give the impression to the interviewer that you are taking the job just until you get a better one or for fun and profit. Be serious and say in a formal voice that you want to make a career out of working in a call center.

5. Question: Describe the importance of teamwork and team spirit?

All call centers thrive on team spirit and if they get a whiff that you are a loner and will turn hostile while working in a team, they won't hire you. So, go ahead and pick up some management books that expound the virtues of teamwork and lay it on thick during the interview.

These are the top 5 call center interview questions you can expect to be asked. If you have applied for a technical job, then expect the questions to focus on the technical subject with all the others questions being mainly fluff.

A call center manager's interview questions will mostly focus on team building, team spirit and man-management skills. So, whatever job it is that you have applied for: prepare in the manner we have advised you and you will come up trumps.


Honest , and be confident..


How do you negotiate with clients,telephonically to achieve a win-win situation?

be patient, focused on business always have compliment and manners