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To be emancipated how long do you have to show that you have been working and how much money do you have to have to prove that you are self supportive?


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The rules vary from state to state and some do not allow emancipation.

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No. You are emancipated when you can prove that you are capable of acting, and being treated as an adult. You need to have all the normal adult things, like income, before it will happen.

If you are emancipated, it's up to your parents as to whether you have to move out of the house or not. If your parents do not want you to continue to live with them, they can get an eviction notice to force you to move. However, in order for a court to approve emancipation, you have to prove to the court that you are self-supportive and that you have a place of your own to live.

If you can prove you can support yourself. Get a lawyer and file the paperwork. A judge will determine if you can be emancipated.

At the age of 16, if you can prove to the court that you have a way to support yourself you may become emancipated.

It depends on your age and the judge. Get a lawyer who will work pro-bono and start the process. If you can prove you are responsible, have a job or way to get money, and mature enough, then you may get emancipated.

You go before a judge and prove you can support yourself and your child. He will decide if you have the proper income and the means to be emancipated.

in order to get emancipated you have to prove that you are able to take care of yourself without help

For a person to be guilty, someone has to prove with supportive reasons that the person did something wrong.

No, becoming emancipated means you have to prove to the court that you can support yourself.

Yes, if you can prove you can care for yourself and your child comepletly

"When it comes to embezzlement, lawyers are stealing money from their clients. If a lawyer is involved in an embezzlement case, he/she would have to prove that money was stolen starting with finding the money and working backwards to see how the money got there."

No you don't need to have a job to be emancipated. A judge decides through a court case in which you parents and yourself state a case for or against your emancipation. You have to prove to the courts that you are capable to support yourself i.e. own place to live, money to pay bills. without help of the state a job would help.

None. One of the requirements for emancipation is that the minor must prove to the court that they have job and they earn enough to fully support themselves. If they can't support themself, they won't be emancipated.

turn 18 and get kicked out. or get emancipated. (you have to prove to a court that your are better off alone)

16 years....But you have to prove that they have a full time job, and not in school......

It's possible, provided that you live in a state that has emancipation laws (not every state does) and you prove your case to the court. Among other things, you would have to prove that you are capable of supporting yourself (and that means of support can not be public assistance). You also have to prove that it's in your best interest to be emancipated. The courts generally don't like to override the authority of parents, and if your parents object, then you are really going to have to prove your case.

a 16 yr old boy can not live with adult friends unless he gets emancipated. To be emancipated the child has to prove that the living conditions at his present home are not good. He then has to prove that he can live on his own financially.

To get emancipated you would have to go to the courts and prove you can live on your own. Then you will have to do things on your own because your parents would not be legally responsible for you anymore.

If you live in the US... No. One of the requirements for emancipation is that the minor must prove to the court that they support fully themselves with no assistance from anyone else (including friends or the taxpayers). If the minor cannot do that, they do not qualify for emancipation.

You have to appear before a judge and prove that you are able to care for yourself, that means that you have a source of income and are of sound mind.

No.... at 16.... if pregnant you are emancipated in the matters of your health or the baby's. You can make the decision to have an abortion, put the baby up for adoption, or even keep it and there is nothing that your parents can do about it. You do not have to wait for 18 to become emancipated. ou have to be 16 and can prove that you can live on your own with out your parents assistance. You also have the right to live with the baby's father.

If you are legally emancipated you could date an older person. Emancipation is more than just dating it is totally supporting yourself and earning the income to do so. To become legally emancipated you get a lawyer and go before a court to prove you can support yourself.

The key here is "emancipated" and if you are the answer is yes. To be legally emancipated is just not moving out it is a legal judgment by a court. So, you will need a lawyer, several thousand dollars, and the ability to support yourself (you'll have to prove it). A judge will ask you questions and make the decision.

Yes, a 17 year old can file to be emancipated without parental consent. The minor must prove understanding of emancipation and that they can support themselves.

No, she is not emancipated just because she is pregnant. In order to do so she has to go to court and prove she can take care of herself by providing support for herself and the child.

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