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The hex head looking bolt DOES NOT GET TURNED AT ALL...The tensioner is spring loaded...FIND the CORRECT bolt to release the spring pressure.

My daughter has a 1995 Mustang (3.8,v6) the spring loaded belt tensioner has a square hole that should fit to a 3/8 ratchet or extension . Then just attach to a breaker bar and relieve tension ,it helps to have someone you trust hold the breaker bar while you change the belt. Most likely though the tensioner can be locked up due to corrosion inside the bushing /bearing area. In that case buy a new tensioner before performing the belt change. Napa by me has the tensioner for about $30.

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Q: To loosen the serpentine belt tensioner on a 2002 Ford Mustang do you turn that hex looking head bolt towards the driver side or passenger side?
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Looking for a serpentine belt diagram for a 2006 saleen mustang?


Serpentine belt location on a 98 Ford Escort?

Looking at the engine from the passenger side fender the serpentine belt revolves around 5 different pulleys. Theres only 1 belt ,,,,the serpentine.

How do you replace the serpentine belt on a 99 Jeep Wrangler 40L that does not have a belt tensioner?

The belt tensioner is located at the bottom of the power steering pump looking at it from the front the tensioner is on the bottom left. you could always loosen the alternator up a little. My 1997 with a 4.0 does not have a tensioner pulley, and I believe the 99s are the same. the alternator is the tensioner. Remove one of the bolts and it will swivel in and you can get the belt off

Where is the tensioner for the serpentine belt on a Saturn?

The belt tensioner is located below and in front of the power steering pump. It is accessed easiest by taking off the passenger front tire, taking the plastic panels out and looking just in front of and above the alternator. Turn it clockwise to release tension on the belt, NEVER turn it counter clockwise as this will loosen the bolt that holds the pulley on the tensioner and will cause very bad things if it flys off while you are driving on the freeway...personal experience. The tensioner is held on by (2) 10mm bolts, and you will have to remove the pulley to get to them, just make sure you tighten the bejeezus out of the pulley bolt.

Where is the tensioner pulley to tighten the serpentine belt on a 2000 Chevy Silverado?

If you're standing at the front of the truck and looking into the engine compartment the tension pulley is on the left side about half way down.

Where is the belt tensioner for 1997 ford ranger?

Looking under the hood standing over the fan look down and to the right of the fan. The tensioner is between the alternator pulley and the crank shaft pulley. There will be a 3/8 inch square hole in the tensioner. This square hole is for a 3/8 inch drive socket or pull handle to release the tension off the serpentine belt Looking under the hood standing over the fan look down and to the right of the fan. The tensioner is between the alternator pulley and the crank shaft pulley. There will be a 3/8 inch square hole in the tensioner. This square hole is for a 3/8 inch drive ratchet or pull handle to release the tension off the serpentine belt

How do you relieve the tension on serpentine belt in a '92 Corsica 3.1 liter?

on the tensioner by the front pulley there is a square looking part that can be pushed up or down by using a 3/4 or 7/8 wrench

Where is belt tensioner located on ford f-250 power stroke?

Looking at the engine, it's on the left side (passenger side) below the air conditioner clutch on a 7.3L.

Where is 1 piston on 1966 Ford Mustang?

Assuming a V-8, if you are looking into the engine compartment from the grill it is the first one (closest to the front) on your left (passenger side).

looking for mustang svt corba for sale ?

mustang svt cobra for sale

Where is alternator 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme?

It's on the passenger side at the bottom. Just follow the serpentine belt to the bottom-- if you know what you're looking for you'll see it, but Good Luck replacing it!

Where can you find a 1940 mustang in India?

If you are looking for a Ford Mustang, they weren't built until 1964.

Where is the tension pulley on a 1996 Ford Escort?

Looking down from the passenger side at the front of the engine you will see crankshaft pulley on the lower left, then the tensioner pulley, then the alternator. It has a pulley on one end and then the arm and on the other end is a 3/8 inch square hole to fit a ratchet in to release the tension to get the serpentine belt off. Looking down on it from the top you will see it. It's an arm about 7 inches long with a round pulley on the end of it. It presses down on the belt to take out the slack.

Where is the timing belt located on a 1994 escort 1.9L engine?

The timing belt is located behind the timing cover on the front of the engine as you are looking at it from the passenger side front fender. The serpentine belt has to come off to get to it.

How do you replace a fan belt on 2001 Ford Escape XLT?

Take note of how the belt is routed before you take it off. However there is a diagram of the serpentine belt somewhere under the hood. There is a belt tensioner, which is a pulley looking device, and a 3/8 ratchet will fit in a slot to where you can pull it back enough to get the belt off. I would suggest you replace the tensioner while you are at it.

Do you need a serpentine tool for a Oldsmobile intrigue?

I actually have a 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue with the 3.8 and just recently changed the serpentine belt all u need is a wrench to twist the tensioner pulley to release tension to slide the belt on to the pulleys other than that no equipment is needed if u have following questions send me an email to i hope this is the answer u were looking for

You are trying to figure out what the small silver box looking thing is under the starter solenoid on a 1969 ford mustang that is bolted on the inner fender close to the battery on the passenger side?


How do you install a serpentine belt on a 95 Chevy Corsica?

1995 2.2L Chevy Berreta/Corsica Serpentine belt replacement procedure without a diagram. If it is a 2.2L (I have a 95 Berretta and the procedure is identical, as a matter of fact my user guides title is "1995 Corsica/Berreta", read below: There was no belt routing diagram in the manual or under the hood so if the belt is still on make a quick but accurate sketch, this will save valuable time when it is time to replace the belt. The auto-tensioner is located about 5-6 inches from the altenator, down and to the left if standing on the passenger side of the vehicle looking into the engine bay. I used a 9/16 closed end wrech to loosen the tension on the belt. Pull up to loosen. Push down to tighten (right to tighten, left to loosen) Removed the serpentine belt and replaced w/ the new one. Route the belt exactly as in your sketch/diagram placing the belt onto the tensioner last. Tighten the auto tensioner bolt. Good luck... .

How do you change serpentine belt on 2006 dodge ram 1500?

I am looking for the diagram for the serpentine belt for a 2006 Dodge Ram quad cab.

Where is the coil on a Dodge 95 Ram van?

The coil is situated on the front right side of the engine block just back from the serpentine belt self adjuster if you are looking from insude the cab with the engine cover off if not, Open the hood and look to your left and down behind the radiator and you will see the serpentine belt. at the very left of this belt is the belt tensioner pulley wheel and behind that is the coil.

How do you change the serpentine belt 1991 Plymouth voyager?

You'll notice that on the 3.3, there are a few pulleys... If you are on the passenger side of the van, looking directly at the serpentine belt, then basically there are two "pulleys" that do not connect to either the crankshaft, AC unit, Alternator, Water Pump, or Power Steering pump... The two that I speak of basically just look like guides for the belt. The one on the left is a tensioner. You use a wrench and torque the bolt in the middle of that pulley towards the front of the van. This will lower that pulley, allowing you to put the belt back on, and voila! you are done.. I just did this today, so that is my resource...

Where is the intake air temperature sensor on a Ford Mustang v6?

what year? Are you talking about the ecu? I am looking for the coolant temperature sensor on a 2001 ford mustang 3.8.

How do you change serpentine belt on a Land Rover?

looking for help in changing my bely

How do you remove a belt tensioner on a 95 3.1 beretta? should have the info you are looking for.

How do you change the serpentine belt on a 1999 Honda Passport?

Just went rounds looking for this info. Found the answer going to my favorite parts store and looking for "what tool" to change the belt. Turns out the auto-tensioner has a bolt in the center of the pulley. Use either a wrench or (preferably) borrow the proper tool which is just a wrench on a nice leverage bar. When you put pressure the tensioner pulley arm will swing and give you room to remove and replace the belt. Just don't be afraid of loosening the pulley (that was my fear) and don't try a hex wrench on the engine mount side of the tensioner arm. (laugh now) Have a nice day.