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yes you can. and don't worry it won't hurt nothing. i have done that very thing with mine for the last couple of years.

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How loud can you listen to music without damaging your ears?

listening to music at the lowest volume will give you herpies

What is blue tooth for in laptop?

it used to listen to music or anything without cords or wires for consumers

How can you listen to songs without lyrics in them?

Easy. Just listen to the musical intricacies, instrumentation, acoustics...anything that's left to appreciate. Same as a song with lyrics.

How do you get Celebi in emerald?

You can't without cheating, so dont listen to anything that says erase your data.

Can sound travel through air and evidence?

Sound travels through air. Experiment: Listen. Result: Do you hear anything? That sound has traveled through air.

What music does the people of Peru listen to?

Anything that we listen to.

How do you switch a metro pcs phone without going to store?

Dial *228 and listen through the directions.

What happens if the Pokemon you get in a trade goes over the badge level in Pokemon?

They do not listen to anything you say. They do not listen to anything you say.

Hip hop songs for girls?

girls can listen to anything guys can listen to

How do you sing without a bad voice?

dont sing through your nose dont be afraid to yell out record your voice and listen to it.

Where can i find a website that will let you listen to music without a download and that has all the music on it-one that i would be able to find ANYTHING on it?

How do you listen to music on tape recorders?

you listen to music through tape recorders by inserting the disk and it will play through the speakers and you can put it as loud as it goes and you can listen to it through headphones as well

Is it illegal to listen to songs on YouTube?

No, it is not illegal to listen to songs on YouTube. Song studios will often post their songs/music videos on YouTube for people to listen to, and to get the word out. However, you should not download anything, because downloading most music without paying for it is illegal.

Can you listen to an mp3 player while on a plane?

Yes, but be careful of the volume of the mp3 player to avoid damaging your ears.

How do you listen to music without buying anything?

Pandora has free music you just type in your fav. artiat or fav. song and it plays it and simalar song to it ;)

How does the quote Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence relate to self esteem?

It refers to the ability to hear anything and still feel good about yourself

Where can you listen to eye of the tiger without downloading?

you can listen to eye of the tiger on youtube.

What do skaters listen to?

anything!!, that's like asking what type of music do people in 'cars" listen to.

Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence?

If you have a good education and have strong mental foundations, then you can listen to hurtful things, or lies without being upset by them. You stay positive and learn from those little things. It only makes you stronger a person. :)

How do you listen in class?

we listen in class by listening to what the teacher says without being distracted

Is it okay if you are Christian and Listen to Deicide?

It's completely ok for anyone to listen to anything espiecially Deicide

What 2 listen 2 when exercising?

You can listen to anything as long as you can find the beat to it and work ut to that beat.

Can you listen to your iphone without headphones?


How do listen to mp3s without headphones?

you can't

My friend going through bad break up how can i help?

Be someone she can rely on. She (or he) will need a shoulder to cry on, and someone who will listen to them without passing judgment

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