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Reference the great awakening and the mingling of races... for a third, I'm not sure... to what extent: people could worship or not worship as they pleased. Answer Consider that the colonies had a good number of folks who wanted out from under the religious oppression of England. They became more tolerant because they'd had it done to them, and because they wished to apply the golden rule.

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Q: To what extent and why did religious toleration increase in the American colonies during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries?
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During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries many people began to what?

In that historical period, people began to think independently of religious authority. Science, politics, and philosophy all develped in new directions which had previously been blocked by religion.

What colony was the first to allow religious toleration?

Maryland was the first to allow religious toleration

Is religious toleration a noun?

The word 'religious' is an adjective describing the common noun 'toleration', forming the noun phrase 'religious toleration'.

What Muslim ruler mandated religious and cultural toleration?

The Muslim ruler, Akbar, mandated religious and cultural toleration.

What is a sentence for religious toleration?

Its religous toleration was a major factor in making America attractive to persecuted religious minorities.

Did Issac Newton believe in religious toleration?

Yes, Sir Issac Newton did believe in religious toleration. He also wrote on this topic.

Did Rhode Island have religious freedom?

Yes. They had religious toleration.

What did asoka's edicts proclaim?

religious toleration

What colony believed in religious toleration?


Frederick the great practiced religious what?

toleration ;)

What did Asoka edicts proclaim?

religious toleration

What was maryland acts of toleration about?

The Maryland Toleration Act, was aimed enforcing religious tolerance for Trinitarian Christians.

In what ways did New Netherland practice religious toleration?

They believed in religious tolerance

How did Akbar successors religious conflict in the empire?

By ending his policy of religious toleration.

What does religious toleration mea n?

Religious toleration means that a member or members of one religion or religious denomination accept that another one has the right to exist and practise. The more common expression is religious intolerance which has the opposite meaning.

Why do you think ottoman and safavid rulers allowed some religious toleration?

They allowed some religious toleration NOT because they believed it was the right thing to do. They had toleration because it was in the interest of their empire. Having religious toleration allowed the lands they conquered to be less driven revolt and not be dreading there conquer. This allowed less revolt, and the different religions of the country allowed for them to be more diverse.

How did the lack of religious toleration affect politics in the Massachusetts bay colony?

How did the lack of religious toleration affect politics in the Massachusetts bay colony?

What principles do the founding of providence Rhode Island the act of toleration of Maryland and the founding of Pennsylvania have in common?

religious toleration

What is the meaning of the Maryland Toleration Act?

If was a law requiring a toleration of religious conscience as long as it was a trinitarian Christian faith.

He supported religious toleration and freedom of thought?


What document permitted religious freedom to all Christians in colonial Maryland?

religious toleration

How did Akbar's successors promote religious conflict in the empire?

By ending his policy of religious toleration.

What is the Maryland statue of 1649 that granted religious freedom to all Christians?

The Act for Religious Toleration

The Ottoman and Mughal empires depended considerably on nationalism slavery or religious toleration?

religious tolerance

Was their religious freedom in the southern colonies?

yes their was religious toleration which put up with other religions