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Q: Transmission from a 86 Buick lesabre be swaped with a 90 Buick skylark transmission?
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Why does the speedometer doesn't work on 1998 vw passat?

the cable going from the speedometer to the transmission needs to be swaped.

What all would you have to replace if you swaped the 3.8 out of a 1996 Camaro rs for a LT1?

More torque from the LT1,so I would think you will need to change the transmission and rear end.

Will a 2WD transmission interchange with a 4x4 tranny in a 92 Dakota automatic V8 and what years will interchange?

Yes, the tranfercase can be swaped over, the 3.9 v6 has the same bolt pattern as the 318 v8

Can you switch the trans from a 3.0 to a 2.9 ford?

Most likely all you will need to do is swap out the bell housing from the 2.9 to the 3.0 so it will mount up, I recommend having a transmission shop make that swap for you, it will cost about $75.00, I just swaped a 3.0 to 2.3.

Can a 96 2 wheel drive 4l80e be swaped out for a 96 4 wheel drive 4l80e?

Nope. The 4wd transmission has a different output shaft, plus, even if the driveshaft did fit, you'd leave a large opening in the back, since the 4wd variant was designed to have a transfer case attached to it.

What motor can be swaped in to a 92 eagle talon for better performance?

i would swap it with a 4g63 t

Can a manual trans be swaped for a auto in a 1982 Chevy G20 with a th350?

Yes it can if you have all the parts.

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Can a 1989 Ford Probe tranny fit 1993 Ford Probe tranny?

noAnswerno the only years that will work are 93 to 94 ford probe, 93 to 94 Mazda 626, and 93 to 94 Mazda M6 and if its a (CD4E) Transmission good luck you will need it! Answerthe tranny form a 93-95 should work i swaped my auto out to a 5 speed from a 95 and my car is a 93 works fine few extra parts left over

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